Sonics' Rendezvous Band plays "City Slang" circa 1978.


Gary Rasmussen plays with Alvin Youngblood on the Scott
Morgan-composed Sonic's Rendezvous Band song "Electrophonic Tonic".
This is from Alvin's DVD "Blues on the East Side" (Electro-Fi Records).

Hear the original Electrophonic Tonic by Sonic's Rendezvous Band here

Robert Matheu Gallery
Michigan-raised photographer Robert Matheu was at most of the band's shows and
captured many of them on film.

Sue Rynski Gallery
Sue Rynski was the other leading photographer on the Detroit-Ann Arbor scene who also
documented many SRB shows.
This gallery has an accent on Fred and Patti.

Red Carpet, Detroit 1976 or '77
Live photos from an uncredited photographer. If you took them, please get in touch.

Handbill Gallery
A selection of handbills, set lists and newspaper ads spanning the life of the band.

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