A Guide to Visiting the Sequim Lavender Festival (2024)

The Lavender Festival in Sequim takes place every third weekend in July and is something you must see when visiting Washington in the Summer months. Walking through the lavender fields will immediately transport you to the French countryside; even the town of Sequim likes to refer to its lavender fields as “America’s Provence”. Aside from the beautiful view, the smell is just as nice! The lavender farms harvest throughout the season so you’ll catch a whiff of the delightful aroma as you walk through the rows of blooming lavender.

Sequim Lavender Weekend

Every year, the city of Sequim hosts a lavender festival for three consecutive days in July. Sequim is a town located on the north side of the Olympic Peninsula and is about a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Seattle, making it a great day trip or weekend getaway destination. The lavender festival consists of special events at the farms, including live music, lavender ice cream, acrobatic shows, and educational tours where you learn about the distilling process and the different uses of lavender. Most farms are free to visit, but there are a handful that charge admission during lavender weekend. The lavender fields are the main attraction, but during this special weekend, there is also a street fair full of local vendors and artisans selling everything from food to art to all kinds of lavender products produced by the lavender growers of the community.

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When is Lavender season?

Lavender season on the Olympic Peninsula typically runs from June through September but can vary due to the climate. This year, for example, the lavender farms saw a later bloom that started in late June due to the cooler temperatures and an extended rainy season. Most visitors don’t realize this, but you can actually visit most of the Sequim lavender farms throughout the entire Summer. Most farms are open daily for visitors and have gift shops filled with great lavender items made right from their crops! Another fun lavender event if you live nearby is the Tour de Lavender which takes place in early August. This cycling event takes you through 10 lavender farms, plus part of the route is on the scenic Olympic Discovery Trail full of amazing views.

Top Lavender Farms in Sequim

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B&B Family Lavender Farm

Open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from May through September, this family-run farm has 12 acres of lavender fields that consists of 16 different varieties and over 14,000 plants. They offer free informational tours that last about 20 minutes and explain the distillation process from harvesting to bottling the pure lavender oil. You can also harvest your own lavender bundle and they have a gift shop full of great lavender items made on-site like all-purpose cleaners, chocolates, foot cream, and soaps.

Jardin du Soliel

This organic lavender farm is open daily from April through September and is open Friday – Sunday starting in October through December if you’d like to visit their gift shop. This farm has the cutest gift shop of all and it’s filled with lavender goodies and other farmhouse-themed products. Here, you can harvest your own lavender bundle and sit on their gorgeous 10-acre landscaped farm and enjoy the views. Jardin du Soliel also offers a brunch experience in the lavender fields on select weekends during peak season. Be sure to check out their website for special events.

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A Guide to Visiting the Sequim Lavender Festival (4)

Washington Lavender Farm

The Washington Lavender Farm is currently only open during the Sequim Lavender Festival. Admission is free for the weekend of the event, and you can visit their gift shop or pay $5 to take an informational tour of the grounds of the adjacent George Washington Inn with stunning views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. 2022 was the first year that the grounds were closed off to the public after the transfer to new ownership, but the tour exceeded my expectations. There are a few lavender rows outside of the gates to take pictures of, along with the beautiful poppies lining the entrance to the bed & breakfast and tons of bright wildflowers blooming all over the property. The George Washington Inn is a great place to stay if you missed the lavender festival, but still want to visit this property.

Graysmarsh Farm

Graymarsh Farm is more than just a lavender farm. It’s mainly a u-pick farm with acres of strawberries, loganberries, raspberries, blackberries, and more. Over the years they’ve added lavender to the property, and you can harvest your own bundle here as well. Graymarsh Farms is open daily and is fun for the whole family!

For even more lavender farms in Sequim, check out our story, Amazing Dog-Friendly Lavender Farms in Sequim.

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A Guide to Visiting the Sequim Lavender Festival (2024)


When should I see Sequim lavender? ›

*The best time to see the lavender fields in full bloom is mid-July.

Are the lavender fields blooming? ›

In the Northern Hemisphere, lavender blooms in the summer months, typically from mid-May until August in the United States. For instance, the peak bloom at Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Farm, a 25-acre lavender farm in Albuquerque, is expected to be late June or early July.

Why does Sequim have so much lavender? ›

The first Sequim lavender farms began over 20 years ago when local farmers, dedicated to saving their rural farmland, recognized that the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains made Sequim the ideal growing climate for lavender.

Are dogs allowed at the Sequim Lavender Festival? ›

Dogs on a leash are welcome at the Sequim Lavender Festival Street Fair and at many of the Lavender Farms. There is an off-leash dog park on the south end of Carrie Blake Park, located at 202 N. Blake Avenue.

Where is the best place to see lavender fields in Washington state? ›

Sequim sits in the rainshadow of the Olympic Mountains, which is also one of the driest areas in the Northwest. You'll find a lovely selection of lavender farms in Washington near Sunny Sequim. Perhaps the most popular time to visit these fields is during the annual Lavender Festival in Sequim each July.

How many lavender farms are there in Sequim? ›

There are more than a dozen lavender farms in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley open during Sequim Lavender Festival. Many of the farms have special events and their own festivals taking place over the weekend. We recommend that you visit as many farms as your schedule allows.

Where is the largest lavender farm in the US? ›

Bridestowe Lavender Estate runs over 260 acres and is the world's largest privately-owned lavender farm. With an estimated 650,000 plants, the lavender rows stretch for about 200 kilometers in total – our guests love to get lost in the purple flowers, clean air, and open spaces of our farm. South Pacific.

What state produces the most lavender? ›

Sequim (pronounced skwim), in Washington's Dungeness Valley, has been proclaimed the “lavender capital” of the United States. Sequim has a favorable geographic location for lavender, with warm summers and cool, dry winters.

Where is the lavender Festival in Sequim 2024? ›

At Carrie Blake Park, 500 North Blake Avenue

Celebrate the 28th Sequim Lavender Festival® in the heart of Sequim from July 19 to 21! This vibrant event, solely produced by the Sequim Lavender Growers Association™ with help from local volunteers and nonprofit organizations, takes place at Carrie Blake Park.

Does the Blowing Rock allow dogs? ›

The Blowing Rock is pet friendly, however only dogs controlled on leashes will be allowed on property and they must be friendly with children, cats and other dogs. The owner will be held accountable for any negative issues.

Can you take dogs to the Lavender Farm? ›

We therefore welcome well-behaved dogs but they must be kept on a lead at all times. Please bring poop bags with you to clean up after your dog!

What is the best time to visit lavender Farm? ›

The lavender normally starts to bloom towards the middle to end of June and the peak time is July and August. During the peak of the season it can get very busy on weekends so we recommend that you plan a weekday visit if possible. Please remember that we do not permit picnics anywhere on our farm.

What is the best month for lavender? ›

June is the peak lavender season. Anytime between mid-May and mid-July is a good time to visit lavender farms in California. I also suggest checking the farms' websites or call them in advance for their high season.

Which month does lavender bloom? ›

The peak bloom of lavender (Lavandula) is in the summer months from July to August. While the lavender in its original home, the warm Mediterranean region, opens its flowers already from May, we must unfortunately usually wait a little longer.

Is Sequim the lavender capital of the world? ›

Sequim, the Lavender Capital of North America, is known for its beautiful lavender farms and quality lavender products. The sunny dry climate in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley is similar to the south of France, making Sequim one of the best places in the country to grow this beautiful fragrant herb.


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