Nate Diaz beats Jorge Masvidal by majority decision: round-by-round fight analysis (2024)

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It took almost five years for the rematch.

It was worth the wait – especially for fans of Nate Diaz.

Diaz beat rival Jorge Masvidal by majority decision Saturday night in the 10-round light heavyweight fight at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

The judges scored it 95-95, 97-93, 98-92.

“It feels good to get the job done for sure,’’ Diaz said. “Mission accomplished.”

The 39-year-old fighters pummeled each other through the fight and maintained an impressive pace.

“I thought I won,’’ Masvidal said. “I thought I hit the harder shots. He did land more volume. But I definitely thought I landed the way, way better shots.’’

The two former UFC stars faced off more than 4 ½ years after Diaz and Masvidal fought for the inaugural BMF belt in the Octagon. Masvidal won the fight when it was stopped because Diaz had a deep cut below his left eye.

Round-by-round analysis for the Diaz-Masvidal fight and undercard.

Nate Diaz beats Jorge Masvidal by majority decision: round-by-round fight analysis (1)

Jake Paul fires back at Nate Diaz

Didn’t take long before Jake Paul responded through his X account after Nate Diaz said he planned to beat Paul’s, uh, backside.

In colorful language, Paul wrote that Diaz "ducked" a $15 million offer for an MMA match via the Professional Fighters League (PFL)

What’s next for Nate Diaz?

Nate Diaz announced his plans in inimitable style.

“I’m going to beat Jake Paul’s (expletive) (expletive),’’ he said.

Within earshot of children, that can be rephrased as: Diaz intends to avenge his defeat to Paul.

Diaz, in his pro boxing debut, lost to Paul by unanimous decision in a 10-round light heavyweight bout. He apparently has stewed over the outcome of the bout that took place in Aug. 5, 2023 in Dallas.

His statement drew cheers and laughter from the crowd. And the fans cheered just as loud when Diaz said he intended to return to the UFC and win another championship.

Nate Diaz def. Jorge Masvidal by majority decision

Round 1: Diaz swinging early, but Masvidal quickly turns the aggressor. Diaz has Masvidal backed into a corner, but he easily slips out. A languid pace now. Diaz slowly shadowing his rival. But Diaz looking like he did against Jake Paul. Nothing powerful about the punches yet. But he has Masvidal in the corner and on the ropes and remains the more active fighter. He shakes his head after a Masvidal punch lands. Diaz 10, Masvidal 9.

Round 2: Masvidal looks like the more technically sound boxer. And now he’s asserting himself. Lands a couple of blows early. Diaz's plodding movement seems to have Masvidal a little off balance. Now Diaz stalking, and Masvidal makes him pay with a hard right. And he connects with another hard right. Masvidal suddenly on his game here. Diaz 19, Masvidal 19.

Round 3: Diaz charges out and backs Masvidal into a corner. Then Masvidal turns the tables and snaps back Diaz’s head with right hands. Masvidal showing much more speed and appears to be solving Diaz’s style. Diaz backs Masvidal into the corner again and lands a couple of blows. But Masvidal continues to counter. Spirited exchanges here. Masvidal 29, Diaz 28.

Round 4: Diaz’s punches don’t look ferocious. But Masvidal showing respect when Diaz throws them. But his own punches or crisper and quicker to hit the target. Diaz working the body now. Masvidal unloading on Diaz, but back comes the Stockton kid. We have a brawl brewing here! Diaz just relentlessly walking down Masvidal. But Masvidal firing back. Bell rings. Diaz thrusts arms into the air. Masvidal 38, Diaz 38.

Round 5: Not saving anything for the late rounds here. The bells rings and these two fighter are ready to fire. What Diaz lacks in quickness and speed, he makes up for relentlessness. But now Masvidal pounces. Diaz winds up a little like Sugar Ray Leonard used to. All show. But he gets Masvidal back into the corner again and batters his rival before Masvidal circles around and fires his own punches. Masvidal 48, Diaz 47.

Round 6: Diaz relishing the role of aggressor. Masvidal welcomes it, perhaps because he’s proved to be an effective counterpuncher. Those Diaz punches appear to be doing damage as he eats several in the corner. Masvidal fighting back but it’s not long before Diaz moves forward again. Masvidal with a left and another left. Fierce fight. Masvidal 58, Diaz 56.

Round 7: Masvidal has thrown some wicked punches. None of them dissuade Diaz from stalking as soon as the round begins. Before we forget, this is a very different Nate Diaz from the one who fought Jake Paul. He looks far more prepared and invested. Just endless exchanges. Masvidal 67, Diaz 66.

Round 8: More of the same: Diaz backing Masvidal and wearing him down with a flurry before Masvidal circles around and counters. Both wearing out the leather on those gloves. Diaz playing to the crowd. Crowd cheers. But Masvidal gives the crowd reason to groan with a couple of big shots. Masvidal 77, Diaz 75.

Round 9: Masvidal’s shots clearly superior to Diaz’s. And now they may be taking a toll on Diaz. Of course, Diaz does Diaz: He keeps on coming. Both cracking each other. A back-alley brawl here. Now they’re hanging on to each other. Who can blame them? Exhaustion. Masvidal 86, Diaz 85.

Round 10: Running on fumes, Diaz and Masvidal dig deep as the final round commences. An exchange of combinations. Heads snap and shake. These guys are 39 and fighting like they’re a decade younger. Masvidal raises his arms into the air. Could be premature as the punches fly – and continue to fly until the final bell. Masvidal 95, Diaz 95.


So reads the white lettering on the black hoodie Diaz wore during his ring parade. And he is in the ring.

Jorge Masvidal greeted by boos

Yes, this crowd is largely pulling for a (Northern) California kid, Nate Diaz. And they make that clear by booing Masvidal during his ring walk. He grins. Now up go the cheers. Here comes Nate.

Shane Mosley Jr. def. Daniel Jacobs by unanimous decision

With his famous father watching, Mosley dominated Jacobs, a former world champion, in a 10-round super middleweight bout.

Mosley looked crisp from start to finish in the co-main event, and the judges agreed. They scored the fight 99-91, 99-91, 100-90.

But the crowd periodically voiced its displeasure, booing with the 37-year-old Jacobs only faintly resembling his old self: the boxer who held the WBA middleweight title from 2014 to 2017 and the IBF middleweight title in 2018 and 2019.

But Mosley could not finish off Jacobs.

“I know, the main event is about violence, but I’m about winning,’’ he said.

Mosley, 33, improved to 22-4. Jacobs fell to 37-5.

Daniel Jacobs vs. Shane Mosley Jr. scheduled for 10 rounds

Round 1: Mosley aggressive early in this super middleweight fight. Backing Jacobs into a corner and against the ropes. No devastating punches yet. Jacobs mostly inactive. Jacobs finally coming to life, connects with a right. Mosley 10, Jacobs 9.

Round 2: Mosley comes out stalking again. But Jacobs finds an opening. Back comes Mosley, who looks determined to win these rounds. A couple of swings and misses from Jacobs. Mosley 20, Jacobs 18.

Round 3: Wait, is this THE Daniel Jacobs? There’s a faint resemblance, only the old one threw punches – and with accuracy. Jacobs FINALLY comes to life, with a late flurry. Mosley 30, Jacobs 27.

Round 4: Jacobs in a corner and on the ropes again. Drawn there as if by magnet. Solid right from Mosley, but the crowd wants more. Boos. Mosley staying active with both hands. Jacobs lands again at the end of the round. Mosley 40, Jacobs 36.

Round 5: Mosley and his punches still look crisp. Jacobs dangerous but wild. More boos. Willlaryngitis set in? Mosley 50, Jacobs 45.

Round 6: Mosley fires quick and remains the aggressor. But he has not exhibited the ability to apply massive pressure and even attempt to take out Jacobs. That accounts for the crowd’s frustration. No fireworks. Mosley 60, Jacobs 54.

Round 7: Jacobs lands a few punches early, but not showing much confidence or authority – especially for a former champion. Mosley scores on a couple punches as the round ends. Mosley 70, Jacobs 63.

Round 8: Mosley throwing with more power. Finally looking for the KO? Crowd cheering one moment, booing the next. Oh, no. Jacobs has a nasty cut on the corner of his left eye. The ref brings him to a corner. Ring physician takes a look and the fight resumes. Mosley tagging Jacobs with ease now. Mosley 80, Jacobs 72.

Round 9: No sign of blood in Jacobs’ left eye. No sign of fire in his belly. Mosley still the aggressor but with less energy than previous rounds. Mosley 90, Jacobs 81.

Round 10: Mosley on the attack. Making an effort to finish the fight? Not at risk of Jacobs finishing him. Jacobs showing some fight – about nine rounds too late. Crowd does its thing: boos. Mosley 99, Jacobs 91.

Chris Avila def. Anthony Pettis by unanimous decision

With the boxing canvas occasionally looking like quicksand, Avila lumbered past Pettis, the former UFC lightweight champion, with punches that were slow, fluid and occasionally effective.

The judges scored the fight 58-56, 59-55, 59-55 in favor of Avila.

It was a sluggish affair, and the crowd rewarded the boxers with boos.

Avila improved to 6-1 and Pettis fell to 1-1.

Chris Avila vs. Anthony Pettis scheduled for six rounds

Round 1: No need to test Avila for PEDs in this light heavyweight fight. There’s a man who understands boxing doesn’t depend on a six-pack. Some awkward boxing here. Lots of lunging. Fencing with boxing gloves? Avila breaking through with the jab and sweeping right. Pettis counters. Avila 10, Pettis 9.

Round 2: Pettis showing more aggression. Stalking. Now lands a left, but Avila returns the pressure. Not enough to satisfy the crowd. Boos sprinkle. Pettis appears to be finding some rhythm, but Avila lands a solid left. Avila 19, Pettis 19.

Round 3: No great exhibition of speed here. But Avila and Pettis landing punches. Crowd grows restless, but the boxers are putting forth a respectable effort. More boos. Avila raises his arms as if he's already won the fight. Avila 29, Pettis 28.

Round 4: Avila throwing and occasionally landing a sharp overhand right. Pettis unable to find an opening to throw any combinations. If he has them. Both boxers look in need of oxygen. Avila 39, Pettis 37.

Round 5: The CompuBox machine might nod off during this round. Both boxers look gassed. Avila throwing more punches, slow and fluid, and occasionally effective. Can we get these guy a couple of hammocks? Avila 49, Pettis 46.

Round 6: Pettis showing a surge of energy. But Avila leans in and saps Pettis’ momentum. Avila finding some fuel in what looked to be an empty tank. Crowd booing as fight ends. Avila 59, Pettis 55.

Curmel Moton def. Nikolai Buzolin by TKO

The 18-year-old Moton, mentored by Floyd Mayweather, only fueled the excitement about his potential as a future boxing star while improving to 4-0.

He dismantled 36-year-old Russian Nikolai Buzolin with a impressive display of power, speed and poise in the lightweight bout.

He knocked down Buzolin at the end of the first round and the bell essentially saved the Russian. But nothing could save him from Moton, who went on the attack in the following round and prompted the referee to stop the fight.

Moton is coached by his father. But it was Mayweather in the ring with Moton before the fight and offering final words of instruction or advice.

“I’ve had pressure on me my whole life,’’ Moton said after the fight. “Floyd been backing me so I always had that name on my shoulders.’’

He’s wearing it well.

Curmel Moton vs. Nikolai Buzolin scheduled for 6 rounds

Round 1: Moton, the Floyd Mayweather protégé, swings and lands first in this lightweight bout. This is no ordinary teenager. Moton is the aggressor and lands a flurry before Buzolin slides away. Moton in control and Buzolin yet to land anything solid. A huge left followed by another flurry. Down goes Buzolin. Just as he’s ready to fight, the bell rings. Lucky timing. Moton 10, Buzolin 9.

Round 2: Buzolin comes out with a herky-jerky style. Moton does not look flustered. Here comes more big punches from Moton, and fast! Buzolin is firing back, but it’s no contest. The judge has stopped the fight! Moton by TKO!

Amado Vargas def. Sean Garcia by TKO

Garcia has a left hand that resembles the knockout weapon of his older brother, Ryan. But it wasn’t nearly enough to save him from a Vargas TKO in the sixth round of this lightweight fight.

Vargas relentlessly attacked Garcia’s body, smothered him from the opening bell, and absorbed Garcia’s best shots.

With Vargas on the attack yet again and pounding Garcia’s midsection, the referee stopped the bout with 46 seconds remaining in the sixth round.

Vargas thanked Garcia for taking the fight and referenced the embattled Ryan Garcia, who was there to support his younger brother.

“I know (what) he was going through…,’’ Vargas said of Garcia, ‘’and it’s very commendable that he came here and he accepted the fight.’’

Lightweight fight Sean Garcia vs. Amado Vargas scheduled for 8 rounds

Round 1: Vargas charges out on the attack as Garcia covers up. Garcia lands a left that resembles his brother’s signature punch. Garcia came alive but Vargas was more active through the round. Vargas 10, Garcia 9.

Round 2: Both boxers digging into the body before Vargas blows into Garcia and they fall through the ropes. “Don’t do that,’’ said the ref. Good idea. Vargas digging into Garcia’s body. Garcia lets loose with a left. Garcia lands a couple of nice shots. Vargas 20, Garcia 18.

Round 3: Vargas is attacking again. But Garcia counters with a nice shot to the head. But it’s Vargas who’s throwing punches in bunches with plenty to the body. Vargas gets tagged and then sticks out his tongue playfully. Vargas 30, Garcia 27.

Round 4: Toe-to-toe at the center of the ring. Both landing impressive blows. Garcia stumbling, on the ropes. Here comes Vargas with a barrage that includes uppercuts. Down goes Garcia after a wicked body blow. Beats the count and back on his feet. Garcia just whaling again, and now Garcia rallies, pounding Vargas on the ropes. What a fight! Vargas 40, Garcia 35.

Round 5: Vargas comes out firing but wisely covering up. Garcia still dangerous with the left. Vegas just digging into the body, and Garcia counters with a right. Action-packed fight! Vargas has Garcia on the ropes again, and he’s dancing in the ring! Now back to boxing, and his punches are almost as impressive as his dance moves. Garcia not dancing, but he is punching. Just not enough to slow Vargas. Vargas 50, Garcia 44.

Round 6: Vargas smothers Garcia early and now unloading on the ropes. Almost as quick, Garcia turns and fires with the left. But Vargas is relentless. And it’s over! The referee stops the fight. Vargas by TKO!

Ryan Garcia on the scene

Garcia, the embattled boxer, is at the Honda Center to watch his younger brother, Sean, fight Amado Vargas, son of former champion boxer Fernando Vegas.

In fact, Garcia danced behind his brother during the walk into the ring.

Earlier, the Fanmio broadcast showed Ryan in the locker room with his father and Sean nodding in approval.

The WBC expelled Garcia Thursday for a racial rant and the following day Garcia wrote on his X account that he is going to rehab.

Devin Cushing def. Manuel Correa by unanimous decision

Cushing improved to 14-0, but he and Correa earned boos from the crowd during a lackluster eight-round lightweight bout.

Ultimately, Cushing used his superior speed and footwork to prevail on the scorecards.

The judges scored it 77-75, 78-74, 80-72.

“I’m not pleased with my performance tonight,’’ said Cushing, a 27-year-old from Pensacola, Florida coming off a 15-month layoff. “No excuses though.’’

Correa, a 33-year-old Cuban, fell to 13-2.

Devin Cushing vs. Manuel Correa in scheduled 8-round lightweight fight

Round 1: Both boxers firing early. But Cushing is initiating the action, landing more blows and proving to be elusive too. Cushing 10, Correa 9.

Round 2: Cushing show impressive quickness, settling in behind his jab. But the crowd wants more. Now booing. Cushing dodging almost as many punches as he’s throwing. Correa has yet to land a punch with authority. Cushing 20, Correa 18.

Round 3: Correa lands a right. Welcome to fight, Mr. Correa. Still feels tactical, with neither fighter willing to unleash at this point. Cushing accidentally hits the referee in the chest. Probably not getting any points for that one. Cushing 30, Correa 27.

Round 4: Correa able to get inside and mixing it up. That appears to be where he’ll thrive and neutralize Cushing’s three-inch height advantage. Correa is more aggressive. Cushing 39, Correa 37.

Round 5: Here’s the dance: Cushing trying to keep Correa at a distance. Correa trying to bull in and close the gap. Correa waving on Cushing. Asking for a brawl? Correa needs to stop asking and go get it. Crowd booing again. Cushing 49, Correa 46.

Round 6: Ref warns Cushing for holding. The holding stops and Correa delivers several blows to the head. Inside fighting at the center of the ring. Correa getting the best of it. Cushing looks gassed. More boos. Cushing 58, Correa 56.

Round 7: The most surprising development was the lack of boos in the first minute as the boxers failed to land any significant blows and moved without much energy or urgency. Correa talking trash to Shawn Porter, who’s sitting ringside while doing commentary for the fight? In the middle of the round? Unreal. Cushing 67, Correa 66.

Round 8: Cushing playing it conservatively. Trying to stay at a distance. But Correa closes the distances and mixes it up from the inside. An unimpressive finish to an unimpressive fight. More well deserved boos. Cushing 77, Correa 75.

Nate Diaz-Jorge Masvidal Brawl Part II?

Diaz’s team and Masdival’s team have been put on opposite sides of the Honda Center and extra security has been brought in, according to Fanmio’s broadcast. The teams brawled after a press conference on June 6.

Conor McGregor wagers on Nate Diaz

Posting on his X account, McGregor said he decided to put $500,000 on Diaz and that said the wager will net him more than $1.6 million.

“Range, form, experience, solely hands being used, I can’t see Masvidal causing any problems to Nate in a boxing ring whatsoever,’’ McGregor wrote. “They are both little play around (expletive) in a fight...but I feel Nate does him in EASY here for real.”

McGregor and Diaz split a pair of bloody MMA fights in 2016 and Diaz recently expressed interest in a trilogy bout.

Luis Lopez def. Alan Sanchez by unanimous decision

In a spirited fight, Lopez and Sanchez saved their best for last, and the late rounds appeared to propel Lopez to victory.

Sanchez suffered more damage from an accidental headbutt than from any of Lopez’s punches. But Lopez persuaded the judges with his output.

They scored it 77-75, 77-75, 77-75.

Lopez, a 27-year-old from Corona, Calif., improved to 16-2-2. Sanchez, a 33-year-old who was born in Mexico and lives in Fairfield, Calif., fell to 23-6-1.

Gabriel Costa def. Steve Dunn by KO

Turns out records can be highly deceptive. Dunn entered the heavyweight bout 5-0 with five knockouts. Costa entered 3-7 and had been knocked out in each of his defeats.

But Costa survived a few powerful punches from Dunn in the opening round, then knocked out his previous undefeated opponent in the second round with a barrage of punches.

Dunn, a 27-year-old from Hollywood, looked to be as fatigued as he was hurt and he dropped to a knee and stayed there though the 10-count. Costa, a 22-year-old Brazilian, looked ready for more. In fact, he didn’t even bother to sit down between the first and second rounds.

Kenneth Lopez def. Andres Martinez, unanimous decision

Lopez improved to 10-0 with a victory over Andres Martinez in a six-round super middleweight bout.

The judges scored it 59-54, 58-55, 59-54 in favor of Lopez, the 29-year-old from Ceres, Calif.

Martinez, 25 and born in Equatorial Guinea, fell to 4-2.

How to watch Nate Diaz, Jorge Masvidal fight

PPV on Fanmio, DAZN and UFC Fight Pass. Fee is $49.99.

Nate Diaz fight record

Boxing: 0-1. MMA: 22-13.

Jorge Masvidal fight record

MMA: 35-17 with 16 KOs. Boxing: 1-0.

Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal fight date

The Diaz-Masvidal fight takes place today, July 6.

Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal fight time

The main card for Saturday's fight starts at 6 p.m. ET.

Where is Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal fight?

Saturday's fight will take place at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal card

Daniel Jacobs vs. Shane Mosley Jr., middleweight

Anthony Pettis vs. Chris Avila, light heavyweight

Sean Garcia vs. Amado Vargas, lightweight

Devin Cushing vs. Manny Correa, lightweight

Nate Diaz age

Diaz is 39. Masvidal also is 39.

Jorge Masvidal height, weight

5-foot-11, 170 pounds

Nate Diaz height, weight

6-foot, 170 pounds

Jorge Masvidal brawl

Masvidal is stewing over the brawl between his team and Diaz’s team at a June 6 press conference. “It went from boxing setting to kill setting,” he said of the incident. “That’s all I want to do is I want to hurt this dude bad.”

Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal predictions

Daniel Cormier, former UFC heavyweight champion: “Even in the mixed martial arts fight, we kind of had the idea that Masvidal would be the better striker. Nate was the better wrestler, the better grappler, and Masvidal dominated that. So now you’re telling me you’re gonna now limit Nate Diaz to fighting Jorge in the only area that we felt that he held the advantage going into fight one? Yeah, I don’t anticipate it going very well for my boy Nate Diaz.’’

Michael Bisping, former UFC middleweight champion: “I’ve got Masvidal winning this one. He won the first one. The first one was kind of a beatdown. Yeah, it was stopped with a cut, but the cut came because Masvidal was all over him. He was faster, he was more powerful, and he was more technical, and I do not see much changing.”

Josh Peter, USA TODAY Sports: Nate Diaz’s uninspiring performance against Jake Paul that ended in a unanimous decision loss was proof he’s unfit for the boxing ring. Masvidal is going to prove it again. Prediction: Masvidal by TKO, 8th round.

Who won Nate Diaz vs. Jake Paul?

Jake Paul won the 10-round bout by unanimous decision

Nate Diaz net worth

$8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth

Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal tickets

Get-in tickets were $60 this week on StubHub, which listed tickets listed for as much as $533.

Nate Diaz brawl

Diaz’s team and Masvidal’s team brawled during a June 6 press conference in Anaheim, Calif. Diaz sidestepped the melee.

Nate Diaz MMA record

22-13 with 5 KOs.

Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal odds

DraftKings: Masvidal -255 favorite, +200 Diaz underdog

FanDuel: Masvidal -270, Diaz +210

Nate Diaz beats Jorge Masvidal by majority decision: round-by-round fight analysis (2024)


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