T LOunge for May 9th 2024 - Tom + Lorenzo (2024)

Posted on May 09, 2024

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T LOunge for May 9th 2024 - Tom + Lorenzo (4)PinSly Grog Bar – Zurich, Switzerland

Let us all convocate in a bunker today, yes? Windows are for losers. Sunlight is overrated. People are dangerous. Best to huddle together fabulously on brocade and velvet and wait for this THURSDAY to pass.

Travis Kelce Joins Ryan Murphy’s FX Series ‘Grotesquerie’
The Super Bowl champion continues his push into Hollywood with his first dramatic role.

Travis Kelce continues his push into Hollywood, scoring a role in Ryan Murphy‘s FX horror series Grotesquerie.
Grotesquerie star Niecy Nash-Betts confirmed Kelce’s involvement in the show in an Instagram video posted on Tuesday. Although details on the show are scant, Nash-Betts along with Courtney B. Vance and Lesley Manville are among the announced castmembers.
No details have been revealed on what role Kelce will be playing. In February, Murphy dropped a teaser for a new series titled Grotesquerie in an Instagram post. The cryptic teaser features Nash-Betts’ voice, sounding very disturbed about a crime scene.

Andy Cohen Finally Speaks Out on ‘Real Housewives’ Reckoning: “It’s Hurtful. But I Have No Regrets”
Ex-Bravo stars are hurling charges (and lawsuits) over alleged sexism, racism and substance abuse on set, but the network’s golden boy says he is having the time of his life celebrating 15 years as the host of ‘Watch What Happens Live.’

You’ve been a producer of Real Housewives for 18 years now. In that time, a lot has changed in the culture at large. How have you adapted and what has been the biggest challenge?
“Producing a show about politically incorrect women in 2024 is different than producing a show about politically incorrect women in 2009. In 2009, when one of the kids called his brother a fa*g, we left it in the show and then discussed it at the reunion episode. That was how two brothers talked to each other in 2009, and we saw it as a teaching moment. In 2024, you would immediately bleep that word, and it would trigger a whole furor. Today, someone on the show would probably say, “You can’t say that word anymore.” And then the viewers would go wild on Twitter. Sensitivities have changed over the years. Social media has a huge impact. There’s not a lot of room for nuance these days. We are living in an outrage culture now, and everyone has had to adapt to that.”

The return of The Crown? Netflix bosses are ‘planning a new prequel series of the hit show to focus on former royal playboys’
According to insiders, the success of the Prince Andrew film Scoop has prompted executives at Netflix to consider bringing the series back in a new form

The Crown could be set to return as a mini-series or film after Netflix bosses were impressed by the success of the Prince Andrew film, Scoop, according to insiders.
First released in 2016, the early seasons of The Crown garnered much critical acclaim, winning multiple awards, rave reviews and high viewing figures. Yet, its later seasons attracted controversy over its historical accuracy. While the show promised to take a look at the lives of Queen Elizabeth II and other royals, many believed it twisted the truth to accommodate storylines, portraying fiction as fact. When the sixth season was released at the end of 2023, some breathed a sigh of relief thinking the controversial show had been put to bed for good.

I’ve been eating probiotics for a month and I can’t believe how much it’s helped my chronic bloating
Honestly, bloating is the worst.

I remember the first time I realised that I was bloated often. It was a few years ago and I had eaten something my stomach didn’t quite agree with, causing my belly to painfully distend and feel rock hard to the touch. It wasn’t the first time this had happened, nor would it be the last.
Not every bloating was painful, but the rock hard stomach (not in a good way) and the uncomfortable feeling seemed to hit soon after every meal. I tried to cut certain foods out of my diet to see if that would help. Cutting out gluten and dairy helped a little, but not enough to give up a lifetime of bread and cheese. Cutting sugar boosted my energy but did little to help with the bloating.

Who is UK Eurovision entry Olly Alexander?
You probably recognise this year’s UK Eurovision entrant from ‘It’s a Sin’.

Eurovision is back, baby, and this year it’s being held in Malmö, Sweden – and we’re crossing all of our fingers that the UK Eurovision entrant, Olly Alexander, will take the top spot.
The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest will grace our screens this Saturday evening (May 11), where 33-year-old Alexander will be performing his song ‘Dizzy’, which he has teased will be ‘truly unforgettable’.

Where was The Idea of You filmed? Filming locations revealed
You can actually rent Anne Hathaway’s house in the film.

If you haven’t yet watched Anne Hathaway’s latest flick The Idea of You, telling the story of 40-year-old divorced mum Solène’s relationship with 24-year-old pop star Hayes (Nicholas Galitzine), then cancel your weekend plans. This wonderfully cheesy rom-com is calling.
If you have already devoured the film alongside a tub of ice cream, you may be wondering: where was The Idea of You filmed? Despite being set in a variety of locations including California, New York and the south of France, filming actually took place in a completely different state.

The Idea of You: 6 biggest changes from Harry Styles–inspired book to movie
A debrief of the major differences, from Hayes’s age to that ending.

The Idea of You spoilers ahead.
“Has anybody here read the book?” Anne Hathaway, star of The Idea of You, asked the live studio audience of The Tonight Show this week. She was met with complete silence, which prompted host Jimmy Fallon to interject, “We don’t read. This is The Tonight Show. You wanna go over to Stephen Colbert if you wanna get people that read books.”
But there is, in fact, a rabid fan base for Robinne Lee’s 2017 novel, which has inspired the movie now streaming on Prime Video.

Piers Morgan Teases Interview With Real-Life ‘Baby Reindeer’ Stalker as Netflix Responds to Hysteria
Morgan shared a photo with Fiona Harvey hours after Netflix’s Benjamin King told lawmakers reasonable precautions were taken to conceal the identities of the real-life people who inspired the streaming hit.

The focus has fallen on two characters in particular: the stalker Martha, played by Jessica Gunning, and the creative mentor Darrien who drugged and sexually assaulted Gadd, played by Tom Goodman-Hill. The fever burned so hot and inspired so many stories that Gadd took to Instagram to urge fans to stop the speculation because innocent people were getting caught in the mess. “That’s not the point of our show,” he posted.
Not everyone heeded the call. Piers Morgan teased a “world exclusive” interview on Wednesday, announcing that he’s booked a woman named Fiona Harvey who claims to be Gadd’s stalker.

From To Catch A Thief To La Piscine, 7 Sun-Drenched Films That’ll Transport You To The French Riviera
The sapphire blue of the Mediterranean, beaches dotted with palm trees, grand boulevards lined with glittering boutiques, days spent soaking in the sun on super yachts before partying long into the night – it’s no wonder that the French Riviera has proved irresistible for visitors across the globe, from the 1920s to now. And ever since then, the unparalleled beauty of this coastline – which stretches from the gilded casinos of Monte Carlo down to the lavish beach clubs of Saint-Tropez – has been immortalised on film. Just think of Grace Kelly driving Cary Grant up to a picturesque hilltop for a picnic in To Catch a Thief; Jane Birkin laying poolside in La Piscine; and Jean-Paul Belmondo and Anna Karina locking lips in Pierrot le Fou – an image so iconic that it adorned the official poster for the 71st edition of the Cannes Film Festival, the storied showcase which draws the world to the Côte d’Azur each spring.
Ahead of its 77th iteration, which kicks off on 14 May, we look back on seven films which capture the dreamy, dazzling spirit of the French Riviera – and will have you booking a flight, stat.

In Defense of the Pretty Good Show
Not every TV series needs to radically change our lives

Watching Wiig and the many fabulous wigs of Palm Royale, I know I won’t retain much memory of what happens. Even now, as I await the next episode, the plot is a blur of soaplike twists, 1960s fashion, hair-ography, “Mother!” monologues, and Ricky Martin’s abs. Is it life-changing television? Not by a long shot. But Palm Royale is a type of TV that viewers are increasingly drawn to: the Pretty Good Show.

I Was Taught to Hate My Freckles. I Decided to Love Them Instead.
Here, Crystal Hana Kim chronicles the cultural complexities of embracing her spots.

When I was a child, visiting family in Korea was a cause for unbridled excitement. That all changed one summer when my grandmother took me and my cousin Sang-yoon to her local salon to get our hair permed. I was eager to match my cousin, whom I adored, mostly for the fact that she was older than me. At the salon, a slight woman bowed to my grandmother and surveyed us. She immediately gasped. “What happened to her face?” I turned to my cousin, curious, only to find that everyone was staring at me. “What’s wrong?” Alarm lifted my voice high.
“She’s American,” my grandmother said. “They don’t mind freckles over there.”

Everything You Need to Know About Jackfruit
Get to know the tropical fruit that doubles as a vegan meat substitute.

Tropical, floral-scented jackfruit has become remarkably famous in recent years across the U.S. as a star of savory plant-based cooking (looking at you, Jackfruit Carnitas). But there’s a lot more to know about the largest edible fruit on the planet — that’s right, the planet! — which is beloved across much of the world and even has festivals dedicated to it in India. Behold: A sort of comprehensive primer on the versatile, nourishing, captivating jackfruit.

Barbara Who? These Rhubarb Bars Will Have You Dancing in Your Seat
This streusel-topped rhubarb coffee cake is a standout celebration of spring. Its tender crumb is the perfect match for the rosy, tart rhubarb.
The addition of buttermilk lends tanginess and richness to the cake batter, while the rhubarb is marinated in sugar before baking, softening the fibrous stalks to result in a deliciously jammy texture.

Reese’s Announces a New Olympics-Inspired Shape for the Summer
It’s absolutely Gold-worthy.

Every spring seems to unite every American consumer under one firm belief: Reese’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs are superior to the classic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. It’s not just the fact that seasonal items carry more novelty. It’s that the ratio of peanut butter to chocolate seems more favorable in the egg versus the cup. Now, a new contender enters the field: For the first time ever, Reese’s is rewarding our collective sweet tooth with a new seasonal shape just for the summertime — a Reese’s Medal celebrating the Summer Olympics in France.

20 Makeup Looks Inspired By the ’80s That You Can Still Pull Off Today
The 1980s were an era of high-octane extravagance. From bold and punkish looks (graphic liner and vivid shadows) to soft detailing (brushed brows and warming blush), the decade balanced notes that continue to define our aesthetic landscape — particularly in recent years. “The ’80s were defined by boldness, creativity, and maximalism,” says makeup artist Benjamin Puckey, who cites generous applications of blush, colored eyeliner, and matte lips as just a few signs of an ‘80s resurgence.

How To Strengthen Weak and Brittle Nails
Brittle nails are more common than you might think; we talked to the expert manicurists at The Secret Lab about what causes weak nails and how to strengthen them.
I’ve recently noticed that whenever I remove semi-permanent polish like gel, my nails tend to bend very easily. Apparently, it’s also it’s no coincidence that I’ve discovered I have a vitamin B12 deficiency.

The Best Places to Stay in Portland, Maine
Close your eyes and picture a summer setting—and if it includes the sights, sounds, and smells of the sea coupled with al fresco meals and sun-drenched activities, take this as your sign to book a trip to Portland, Maine. This coastal city is beloved for its Old Port and storybook lighthouses, and while lobster rolls and clam chowder are famously on offer, the food scene is diverse and thriving, so be sure to swing by a couple of food trucks while in town and don’t miss out on the craft beer scene, either.
Whether you spend your days at sea on a whale-watching tour or strolling through the maze of picturesque cobblestone streets, booking a charming home base for your getaway is a must. Ahead, explore the best places to stay while in Portland, Maine, from quaint bed and breakfasts to boutique hotels housed in historic buildings.

The real science behind the billionaire pursuit of immortality
Longevity research may not let us live forever — but it could still make our lives better in smaller ways.

In reality, longevity research is advancing — but slowly. Clinical trials are moving forward on select uses for longevity drugs, younger researchers are taking the field more seriously, and private organizations are pledging significant support to research: The Saudi-based Hevolution Foundation has promised up to $1 billion in funding annually for biotech startups and academic researchers.
But while there likely remain many promising treatment candidates that have yet to be identified, they would take decades to reach clinical trials.

Eurovision says it’s “apolitical.” History says otherwise.
Politics on Eurovision isn’t new. It’s been part of it almost from the start.

The annual Eurovision Song Contest kicked off yesterday and is bracing for protests and audience disruptions over Israel’s inclusion in the event as its war in Gaza in response to Hamas’s October 7 attack rages on.
The song contest will be thousands of miles away — in Malmo, Sweden — but fury over the war is expected to be palpable in the small Scandinavian city, whose population will swell with both Eurovision fans and protesters. Over 1,000 artists in the host country signed a letter calling for Israel’s disqualification for its “brutal warfare in Gaza,” according to the Guardian, and pro-Palestinian groups are lobbying state broadcasters not to air the event and calling on artists to refuse to participate.

36 Hours in Colorado Springs, Colo.
Colorado Springs, like Denver, abuts the Rocky Mountain foothills and brims with ways to enjoy the outdoors, although it runs at a slower pace. Once known for its megachurches and kitschy attractions like recreated ancient cliff dwellings, Colorado’s second-largest city now has a more cosmopolitan vibe: Notable openings and upgrades include a stunning $91 million Olympic and Paralympic museum and a major revamp of a resort overlooking the red sandstone of the Garden of the Gods park. Later this year, the 8,000-seat Sunset Amphitheater will open, as will the Hotel Polaris, at the U.S. Air Force Academy, advertised as the country’s only hotel with flight simulators. Through all this change, the mighty 14,115-foot Pikes Peak remains constant, a beacon on the western skyline — though with a recently refurbished cog railway.

Rebel Wilson Says She Bought Her Own Dress for Bridesmaids Premiere After She ‘Made No Money’ on the Film
The actress also revealed in her new memoir that she was paid only $3,500 for her role

“It was my first job in America,” she told host Steven Bartlett. “I mean, it was very lucky to get it… But to be paid that little. Basically, that $3,500 I then had to pay to the union to join the union. So I basically made no money. I lost money, because I had to pay to go to the premiere, like to buy my dress and everything. So, I lost money doing Bridesmaids.”

Trixie Mattel runs wild remodeling her ‘definitely haunted’ house in “Trixie Motel: Drag Me Home”
“Why the f— are you decorating your house for who lives there next?” Trixie tells EW of Max’s “Trixie Motel: Drag Me Home” show. “Life is so short, paint the bedroom pink.”

“Opening a business is hard. Renovating is hard. Making a TV show is hard. We’re doing all three at the same time,” drag superstar Trixie Mattel (also known for the difficult task of balancing a mountain of blonde hair on her head) exclusively tells Entertainment Weekly between bites of her working-woman lunch and reviewing cuts of her new Trixie Motel: Drag Me Home renovation series. “Even if you had everything aligned, renovation is still hard. People die trying to change out light fixtures. This is serious business.”

Should You Mist Your Houseplants? Experts Share When—and How—to Do It
Certain houseplants thrive with the occasional light misting.

In addition to watering your houseplants regularly, some species also benefit from the occasional misting. Misting houseplants can improve humidity, which is beneficial to tropical varieties that thrive in humid environments. Additionally, plants that receive nutrients from the air can benefit from the occasional misting. Here, gardening experts explain which houseplants you should mist, as well as when and how to do it.

12 Herbs That Will Thrive Indoors—and Enhance Your Cooking All Year Round
These low-maintenance herbs taste delicious and will look beautiful on your windowsill.

While an herb garden is a wonderful way to bring homegrown flavor into your cooking, many herbs can’t survive the harsh conditions of winter. But rather than purchasing herbs from the store during colder months, consider growing them indoors instead. Many herbs, including oregano, basil, and rosemary, thrive in containers all year round when displayed on your windowsill. Not only will they enhance your cooking, but they’ll also look beautiful in your kitchen.

This City Is the Sunniest Destination in Europe — With More Than 3,000 Hours of Sun a Year
Don’t forget to pack your SPF when you’re visiting Málaga, Spain.

Sometimes, you just need a little sunshine in your life. And if you want to practically guarantee a sunny day, all you need to do is book a flight to Málaga, Spain.
Located along Costa del Sol in Spain (appropriate when you consider that it translates to “Coast of the Sun”) Málaga has long been a favored European getaway destination for those hoping to soak up some rays. And it’s been named the sunniest spot in the entire continent.

The Best Hotels in Positano
Stay at these award-winning and editor-approved properties in Positano, Italy.

While the entirety of Italy’s 4,660 miles of coastline is worthy of a visit, there’s nothing quite like the teeny, tiny cliffside village of Positano.
Nestled along the Amalfi Coast, Positano is a positively quaint community with fewer than 4,000 full-time residents. But its reputation as a vacation haven filled with fantastic food, scenery, and utter romance has made it a larger-than-life destination beckoning to travelers from all over the world. If you’re ready to experience the colorful coastal homes, swim in the glittering azure waters, and absolutely gorge yourself on heaping plates of pasta, we’ve got a few properties you won’t want to miss. Here are 10 of the best hotels to stay at during your visit to Positano, Italy, based on our firsthand experience and editor-loved properties, as well as winners of T+L’s prestigious World’s Best Awards.

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