The Truth About Belle Delphine's Relationship With Rumored Boyfriend Oliver Tree (2024)


  • Belle Delphine and Oliver Tree sparked rumors with viral TikTok videos, adding to their notoriety.
  • The suspected romance between Belle Delphine and Oliver Tree may have been nothing but a publicity stunt.
  • Delphine has kept her dating life private for years, adding to public speculation.

Belle Delphine and Oliver Tree are two internet personalities who have caused quite a stir with their controversial antics and unique styles. Belle Delphine, a 24-year-old South African-born English social media influencer, made a name for herself by posting controversial and provocative content on her Instagram and YouTube channels. Her cosplay skills are top-notch, often dressing up as characters from anime and video games.

Oliver Tree, a 30-year-old American singer-songwriter, rapper and music producer, is famous for his eccentric personality, sporting a bowl cut and oversized clothing. Some of his infamous stunts, such as faking his own death for a music video, have contributed to his notoriety.

Belle Delphine and Oliver Tree have posted viral Tiktok videos together, including a video where the pair began to enthusiastically make-out, which has caused fans to speculate if there's something romantic going on between them.

Their controversial pasts have only fueled the rumors, and people have been flocking to social media to express their thoughts and theories about their relationship. While some are excited about the possibility of them being together, others are skeptical and think it could all be a publicity stunt. Let's uncover the truth about their relationship...


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Updated in March 2024: As of 2024, much of Belle Delphine's dating history remains a mystery. She hasn't been publicly linked to anyone since 2022, including Oliver Tree. While it remains unconfirmed if their suspected romance was merely a PR stunt, it appears to have fizzled out just as quickly as it gained traction on the Internet. For now, both influencers continue to keep hold of their followers' attention by remaining vague about the intricacies of their personal lives.

Who Is Belle Delphine And Why Is She So Controversial?

Belle Delphine is known for being an expert troll who's made a career out of being an e-girl and gamer girl. Her rise to fame started with a post promising to sell something unusual - her own bathwater, which she called "gamer girl bathwater" that she advertises for "thirsty gamer boys".

Several media outlets have referred to her as an "e-girl," a term used to describe an individual who blends elements of an online prankster and a performance artist. Additionally, Delphine is credited with inspiring the widely popular e-girl fashion trend seen among TikTok users.


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Believe it or not, all 500 jars of used bathwater sold for $30 each, and the bizarre stunt made her famous worldwide and sparked rumors all over the internet.

In an interview with Metro, Delphine revealed that she got the idea from a joke among gamers who comment on posts saying "let me drink your bath water". She found it funny to turn the joke into a reality and let people actually own her bathwater.

Delphine has courted plenty of controversy over the years on her way to becoming an internet superstar. But every time she does something provocative, she manages to make a ton of cash.

Whether you know her from "Gamer Girl Bathwater" or the time she allegedly vandalized a car because someone stole her hamster, there's a good chance you've heard of her. She's been all over the internet since 2015, but it wasn't until a few years later that she became the expert troll she is today.

In June 2020, Delphine dropped a music video teasing that she would make a "big bag" with an OnlyFans account. She also posted her new Instagram and TikTok accounts at the same time.

It was her OnlyFans account that got the most attention, and she made a ton of money from it. In fact, she claimed to have made $1.2 million on OnlyFans in just one month in November 2020. And according to her, she's managed to keep that momentum going, month after month.

Did Oliver Tree And Belle Delphine Ever Date?

Fans of Belle Delphine and Oliver Tree have been speculating whether they were in a romantic relationship since they posted a viral TikTok video together in November 2022.

The video, which showed the pair passionately kissing and with Oliver captioning it “What finding love on the internet looks like,” sparked a flurry of comments from viewers who were confused about the nature of their relationship.


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Despite the video going viral and causing a lot of attention and outrage, Belle and Oliver haven't confirmed that they actually dated. It's possible that the collaboration between Belle Delphine and Oliver Tree, including the controversial TikTok video, is all part of a larger strategy to generate buzz and attention for their upcoming projects.

The Truth About Belle Delphine's Relationship With Rumored Boyfriend Oliver Tree (4)

Both Belle Delphine and Oliver Tree are known for their unconventional and provocative approach to social media, and it's not uncommon for them to stir up controversy in order to drive engagement and interest.

Some viewers may have been further confused by the almost 10-year age gap between the two. Belle Delphine, who was born in 1999, is a 23-year-old internet personality, while Oliver Tree, born in 1993, is a 29-year-old musician and comedian.

It’s worth noting that Oliver has been linked to The Voice contestant Melanie Martinez in the past. Melanie was a contestant on the show’s third season, and Oliver was reportedly her boyfriend at the time. However, the pair split up some time ago, and it seems that Oliver is currently single.

Who Is Belle Delphine Actually Dating Now?

In 2022, The Sun reported that Belle Delphine was in a relationship which had reportedly been going on for three years. Though the person's identity has yet to be disclosed, Bella has a history of keeping her personal relationships private. Prior to that, for example, during a Happy Hour podcast episode in November 2020, Belle confirmed that she had a "partner." Although she didn't reveal his identity, some reports suggest that his name is Joshua Gray, and he appeared in some of her provocative videos.

Belle mentioned during the podcast, "He was there before my name was Belle Delphine." The mysterious man doesn't have any social media that can be found publicly, so it's impossible to confirm the exact dates of their relationship. Some entitled fans were outraged that she had a boyfriend all along.

One of her former fans tweeted, "Belle Delphine was in a relationship with her boyfriend the entire time she was Belle Delphine online but didn't tell anyone about said boyfriend until years later because she was afraid of losing subs on OnlyFans." They added, "This is a real problem for these women. I'm not even joking, it is!"

It's not surprising that Belle's love life would draw attention, given her status as a popular internet personality.

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The Truth About Belle Delphine's Relationship With Rumored Boyfriend Oliver Tree (2024)


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