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Published on December 30th, 2019
by Nikki Cleveland

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

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These Colorado RV Parks Are Open Year-Round (1)

Colorado has something to offer every season. In the spring and summer, the Rocky Mountains have miles of scenic trails for hiking and biking, as well as rivers for fishing and whitewater rafting. By fall, the golden aspen trees make Colorado one of the most beautiful places to watch fall foliage. In the winter, the snowy mountains make the state a winter wonderland for skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.

Luckily, several RV campgrounds are open all year close to popular destinations. Here’s what you can find at each one of these year-round parks.

1. Ouray RV Park & Cabins

The scenic Ouray RV Park & Cabins sits along the Uncompahgre River in southwestern Colorado. They have six types of RV sites, surrounded by beautiful mountain views just a short drive from the quaint shops, restaurants, and galleries in downtown Ouray.


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They have full hookup RV sites with varying views of the surrounding landscape. Some are right along the river and extra wide to accommodate big rigs. They have both pull-throughs and back-ins; some amenities are seasonal while others are available all year. They also have fully furnished riverfront cabins to rent and a cafe & steakhouse that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

These Colorado RV Parks Are Open Year-Round (3)

The area is known for its many outdoor activities including fishing, Jeeping, mountain biking, hiking, and boating. Ouray Hot Springs is only a 1/3 mile walk from the park and it’s open all year long.

2. Dakota Ridge RV Park

Two of Colorado’s most popular attractions, Denver and Rocky Mountain National Park, are within a day’s drive of Dakota Ridge RV Park. The RV park is located just 20 minutes west of Denver with easy access to all of the metro area attractions, including some great restaurants and breweries.

These Colorado RV Parks Are Open Year-Round (4)

The RV park has 141 full-service RV sites that are level and paved including both pull-throughs and back-ins. Several amenities are available to visitors including free WiFi, daily trash pick-up service, and a heated outdoor pool and hot tub (open seasonally). They also have a clubhouse with a fitness center, a fireplace, billiard room, and a book and game library.

3. Prospect RV Park

Another park on the outskirts of Denver is Prospect RV Park in the suburb of Wheat Ridge. They are open year-round and can accommodate all types of RVs from motorhomes to fifth wheels and trailers.

These Colorado RV Parks Are Open Year-Round (5)

The RV park is close to Denver but still offers peace and quiet right next to Prospect Park. They offer full hook-up sites as well as partial hookups. Visitors can also make use of the free WiFi, coin-operated laundry facility, dump station, and pet area.

4. Peaco*ck Meadows Riverside Park & Campground

Peaco*ck Meadows Riverside RV Park offers year-round camping along the Rio Grande River in South Fork, located at the foot of the San Juan Mountains. They have 56 full hookup RV sites designed spacious enough to fit even the biggest of motorhomes and trailers.

These Colorado RV Parks Are Open Year-Round (6)

The riverside park is just the place to connect with nature. They have over 7 acres of nature trails, wetlands, and a beaver pond that is home to a beaver family and several fish species. The South Fork area is surrounded by national forests with nearby activities ranging from mountain biking and snow sports to golfing and OHV riding.

5. The Last Resort

The Last Resort can be found south of Pagosa Springs, just off Highway 84, along the Blanco River in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. They’re a smaller RV park with only 14 full hookup RV sites as well as partial hookup sites along the river. They have a bathhouse with showers, a full kitchen, and coin-operated laundry available for use.

These Colorado RV Parks Are Open Year-Round (7)

The park is close to several points of interest like Pagosa Springs, Chimney Monument, and Echo Canyon Lake, well known for its great fishing. Navajo State Park is also about an hour away with campgrounds and activities like boating, fishing, and hiking.

6. Manor RV Park

Manor RV Park is ideally located in Estes Park at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The park remains open throughout the winter for dry camping with activities like ice fishing and skating on the on-site trout pond. They’re also just a quick drive from Rocky Mountain National Park with miles of trails for hiking and snowshoeing.

These Colorado RV Parks Are Open Year-Round (8)

In the summer, Manor RV Park has 110 full hookup sites as well as events throughout the season. You can learn more about Manor RV Park on RV LIFE Campgrounds and in this article from RV LIFE.

Find more Colorado campgrounds

You can find more RV parks in Colorado and other great destinations with a quick search onRV LIFE Campgrounds. Be sure to useRV LIFE Trip Wizardand theRV LIFE Appto plan your route and find other points of interest in the area.

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These Colorado RV Parks Are Open Year-Round (2024)


Can you RV camp in Colorado in the winter? ›

Pitch a tent, bring an RV, or rent a cabin. Whichever type of camping you prefer, Colorado has exactly what you are looking for in a winter outdoor adventure. Activities that come along with winter camping in Colorado include snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, ice fishing, and wildlife viewing.

Can you live in an RV full time in Colorado? ›

and RVs can be a great way to see Colorado. Many buy undeveloped lots for part or full time residence in their recreational vehicle, RV, or trailer. This has gained popularity because: Over the long term buying your own property can be cheaper than an RV park.

How much does it cost at an RV park in Colorado? ›

Summer Rates: May 24 – September 30Daily
Riverfront Back In RV site$85
Pull Thru RV site$69
Back In RV site$69
Riverfront Tent Site$42
5 more rows

How long can you stay in a campground in Colorado? ›

​​​​​​​​Length of Stay

There is a 14 day maximum stay allowed per park during any 28 day period. This may be 14 consecutive days or 14 days spread throughout the 28 days.

How cold is too cold for RV? ›

For another, it could be detrimental to your well-being should your heating, plumbing, or engine systems break down. But how exactly do you know when it's too cold to take an RV trip? The most precise answer we can give you is when the temperatures outside hit between -20 degrees and -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can you live in an RV during winter months? ›

We get this question all the time since people have trouble wrapping their heads around the idea that living full-time in an RV in winter is doable. Let me assure you, RV camping in winter is very doable, but it takes some getting used to — and a lot of preparation!

How much money do you need to live full time in an RV? ›

If you've been dreaming about living in an RV and wish to travel full-time, the first thing to do is understand how much does it cost to live in an RV. Generally speaking, the monthly cost of full-time RVing might lie between $1600 and $5000, depending on what you need during the travel time.

Is it possible to live permanently in an RV? ›

Can you live permanently in an RV? You can live permanently in an RV as long as you've established and maintained a domicile address with the associated taxes and legal requirements.

What size RV is best for full time living? ›

The best 5th wheel for full time living is a trailer that is less than 36 feet long. Longer trailers are harder to manage, and some regions have regulations about trailers over 36 feet. A 36-foot trailer is also easier to haul with a 3/4-ton truck. For height, a trailer less than 13 feet, 6 inches is recommended.

Why are RV parks so expensive? ›

Utility and Hookup Fees

Many RV parks charge separate fees for utilities, such as electricity, water, and sewage hookups. These costs are often calculated based on your usage and can vary from one park to another.

What is boondocking RV? ›

Boondocking in an RV is self-sufficient camping, meaning having no access to water, sewer, or electrical hookups. This can mean parking your rig in the backcountry or pulling over to spend the night at a rest stop or parking lot.

How much does RV storage cost in Colorado? ›

Storage facility cost comparison
Average storage facility Lakewood, CO$287$312
Neighbor 100+ storage spaces nearby$65$130
Public Storage Golden, CO (1 miles)$228--
Life Storage Lakewood, CO (1 miles)$338--
1 more row

Is boondocking legal in Colorado? ›

Both allow for free boondocking in Colorado, so long as you don't stay in one place for more than fourteen days. You can also do some boondocking in one of Colorado's four national parks or its 42 state parks.

What is the fine for illegal camping in Colorado? ›

Section 37 increases the fine for unlawful camping from $50 to $100 if the person is camping in an area located in a state park or state recreation area that is not designated for camping and adds a fine in an amount equal to 5 times the cost of a permit for a campsite if the person is camping at a campsite without ...

How to live in a camper year round? ›

Be prepared for all types of weather

When full-time rv living, make sure to have antifreeze on hand in winter. If you park your RV for a significant time, consider a temporary or permanent snow skirt to help insulate and protect pipes from freezing. A space heater is also a wonderful thing to have in a cold snap.

Where can I camp in Colorado during winter? ›

Here are the top 5 best spots where you can do winter camping:
  • Rock Mountain National Park: ...
  • Steamboat Lake State Park: ...
  • Dinosaur National Monument: ...
  • Colorado National Monument: ...
  • Buffalo Creek:

Is it safe to travel by RV in the winter? ›

Sure, you can travel in your RV in winter. It just takes some considerations, many of which are dependent on your particular RV. Some RV's are better insulated, some have real heated bays and tanks etc. There's always a risk that your pipes may freeze and that can cause major damage.

How cold is too cold for winter camping? ›

However, it's important to know when camping in the winter may not be safe. Usually, -1 to -4 degrees Celsius (30 – 40 degrees Fahrenheit)[i] is deemed too cold for camping, particularly if you are inexperienced or unprepared.

When should I winterize my RV in Colorado? ›

Before the first freeze or snowfall.


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