TwoPlusTwo: News, Views, Gossip, and Beyond (2024)

TwoPlusTwo Publishing is a private company created and owned by poker player and statistician Mason Malmuth. The company publishes various books on poker—theory, strategy, history, and more—written by renowned professionals in the field such as David Sklansky, Dan Harrington, and Malmuth himself. TwoPlusTwo poker has sold more than two million of its 40 titles, all of which have been translated into numerous languages.

The name TwoPlusTwo was derived from the cover design of Malmuth’s own book Gambling Theory and Other Topics. The company also publishes a monthly e-magazine and weekly Pokercast podcasts.

The site also maintains a website that contains the very popular TwoPlusTwo forums for various discussions of all things poker and other gambling-related topics including up-to-date news, gossip, book reviews, and poker instruction. Every so often, the TwoPlusTwo forums play a significant role in exposing important and interesting news such as the Absolute Poker cheating scandal in 2008.

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TwoPlusTwo Forums

There are many different forums in the TwoPlusTwo community with more than 50 million posts on every topic imaginable. Among the most popular are the TwoPlusTwo NVG (News, Views and Gossip), BBV (Beats, Brags, and Variance), Marketplace, and Strategy ones.

TwoPlusTwo NVG

Just like the title says, the TwoPlusTwo NVG forum contains poker news, views, and—most importantly and entertaining—gossip. Among the various threads in this forum include:

  • New poker websites
  • Updates on popular poker podcasts
  • Movie reviews
  • Lawsuits
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Player profiles
  • Online poker websites
  • Poker room reviews
  • New and existing poker tournaments

Basically, if you are looking for information on virtually anything poker, the TwoPlusTwo NVG thread is a great place to begin your search.

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TwoPlusTwo BBV

Per the TwoPlusTwo website, the BBV forum is where you can post your “whines and wins.” No topic is off-limits here. From bad beats to sick suck outs to complaints to practically anything, this is, truly, an entertaining thread. In fact (I kid you not) there are such topics as:

  • I am a robot professional poker player
  • I stabbed someone playing poker (let’s hope this is not true or, at the very least, the authorities were called)
  • Friends trusted me with their cat. He died
  • Gildwulf’s 100 hand challenge
  • Official 15k in 31 days at 100 NL prop-bet thread
  • Lost everything playing poker
  • 1st 100k day
  • Biggest dealer blunder ever
  • Hit the royal flush like a boss
  • Annoying poker faces

Seriously, you could spend hours upon hours perusing this forum.

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TwoPlusTwo Marketplace

One TwoPlusTwo poker forum is dedicated specifically to site members who are looking to buy, sell, or trade goods and/or services. Think of it as the eBay of poker.

In the General Marketplace, on any given day, you can find anything and everything like:

  • Rooms and apartments for rent and sale
  • Poker books
  • Concert tickets
  • Air vouchers and air mileage
  • Poker-related paraphernalia
  • Poker tournament packages

TwoPlusTwo poker also has a Commercial Marketplace where individuals and businesses can advertise commercial products and services.

Finally, the TwoPlusTwo Marketplace contains staking opportunities for those seeking to stake a player(s) or for player(s) looking to be staked.

TwoPlusTwo Strategy

The TwoPlusTwo poker strategy forums focus primarily on No-Limit Hold’Em, Limit Hold’Em, general poker, live tournament, and online poker strategy and tips. However, there are forums also dedicated to Pot-Limit Omaha, Omaha 8, Stud, and Draw Poker variants as well.

Within these forums are numerous subforums that address such topics as micro-small and medium-high stakes full-ring games, situations, and strategies; live low-stakes situations; heads-up play; poker theory and questions; single-table tournament (STT) and multi-table tournament (MTT) strategy; cash and tournament strategy; questions by beginners; online venues; and much more.

So, whatever type of instruction, guidelines, tips, tricks, and strategy you are seeking, chances are you will find numerous threads within the TwoPlusTwo forums to help.

Final thoughts on TwoPlusTwo poker

When it first arrived, TwoPlusTwo poker was a cutting-edge, industry-leading company designed to inform and entertain poker enthusiasts. However, given the saturation of online poker forums and other websites in the market, TwoPlusTwo’s usefulness has waned a bit. Nevertheless, it remains a popular site. Its forums are among the best out there and its community is 500,000 strong.

Of course, the TwoPlusTwo forums have an official Twitter account where you can get up-to-date news and information about the site’s forums.

Are you a TwoPlusTwo poker user? What are your thoughts on the website, products, and services? Please comment below.

Until next time.

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TwoPlusTwo: News, Views, Gossip, and Beyond (2024)


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