BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (2024)

BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (1)

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BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (2)

TABLE OF CONTENTS REQUIAM 4 """'" 53 Lyran Alliance 100 INTRODUCTION • ~ .. 54 ~,rioo 100 BEHIND THE CIVIL WAR • Brockway .. Oalkeith 100

Assumptions and Terminology 6 "aU'" 56 Glausa, 101 Mil itary Definitions 5 MCl)'etta 57 YO<k 102

PREWDE TO WAR 8 New Aragon 58 Other Actions 103 l ooking Back 8 New Avalon 59 Draconi. Comblne 10S Marriage of Convenience 10 Sirdar 51 AI Na'l, lOS Fat eful Decade 11 Other Actions 53 Ashlo 106 Military Alliance 11 Lyran Alliance 6 S Marduk 107 Adversity ... 12 Ft. Loudon .. Matsulda 108 •• . And Grief 13 Galatea .. Quentin 109 Mistakes and Missteps " Newtown Square .. Wave Three Postscript 10. Ironic Fat e 1 S Odessa 57 JADE FALCON INCURSION 110 Countdown 16 Other ActIons .. Overview 110 Fateful Straws 17 Draconls Combine 6. The Incursion 110 Flnal Thoughts 1 7 AI Na'ir 5. Phase One 110

FtASHPOINT 18 Marduk 70 Phase Two 110 Overview 18 Matsulda 71 Phase Three 110

FIrst Sparks 18 Other Actions 72 Lyran All iance WOfIds 110 Countdown to War 18 Wave One Postscript 72 Jade Falcon OZ Woods 117

Pr.Flashpolnt Battles ,. WAVE TWO 73 Clan WOlf Attack 12<> Nashuar ,. Overview 73 Postscript 120 Ok,. 20 Federated Suns 73 WAVE FOUR 122

'" 20 "'''' 75 Overview 122 Imbfos m & Yorii 20 Bryceland 75 Fe de rat e d Suns 122 SOIaris VII 21 Kathll 75 Ka\h ll 124 Robinson 21 New Avalon 77 Marlette 124 Martlab & Dobeval II 21 Tikonov 78 Tikonov 125

War W ith in the Federated Suns21 WOOdbine 79 Tsamma 125 Kathll 22 Other Actions 80 OtIler Actions 127 Kentares IV 25 Lyra n Alliance 84 Lyra n Alliance 128 Nanking 25 Bolan 84 Coventry 12. Benet III 27 Coventry 85 Oalkeith 129 NewAfa*gon 28 Dalkeith 8S Giausar 130 ~ .. 29 Ft Loudon .. Free Skye Revolt 130 OtIler Federated Suns Actions 2<> lnarcs 87 OtIler Actions 131

War Within t he Lyran All iance 32 LaunClm 87 Draconis Combine 132 Ft" Loudon 32 Virtue .. AI Na"lr 132

"""'" " Yed Posterior .. AA Ting 133 Rasalgetili 35 OtIler Actions 8. Proserpina 133 Coventry 37 Dracon is Com bine 90 DCMS Reprisal 135 Kikuyu 38 Ashlo 90 Wave Four Postscript 1 37 Other Lyran All iance ActIons ' 0 Matsulda " WAVE A VE 138

Draconls Combine .3 Wave Two Postscript ., Ovetvlew 138 AI Na"ir " WAVE THREE .2 Federat ed Suns 1 38 Marduk " Overview .2 Katilll 138 Proserplna " Federated Sun, '2 Marlette 140 An Ting 48 "'''' '4 New Syrtls 141

Flashpolnt Postscript 4' Katilil '5 TikonOV 142 WAVE ONE 50 Talon .. OtIler Actions 142

Overview 50 Tikonov .. Lyra n Alli ance 1 43 Federat ed Sun, 50 Tsamma .7 Cavanaugh II '" Addicks 50 OtIler Actions .. Oalkeith 145


BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (3)

Giausar Free Skye Revolt

Other Actions

Draconls Combine Proserpina DCMS Reprisal

Wave Five Postscrlpt

WAVE SIX Overview

Federated Suns

Marlette New Avalon New Syrtls

Talon TlkOllOY

lyran Alliance

Cavanaugh II Oalkeith

Free Skye Revolt Draconis Combine

Proserpina DCMS Reprisal



Federated Suns New Avalon

Other Actions

lyran Alliance Cavanaugh II

Dalkeith Tharl<.ad Free Skye Revolt

Other Actions

POSTSCRIPT Revelations



ATlAS How to Use This Atlas Federated Suns Worlds

Lyran Alliance Worlds Draconis Combine Worlds


B attleTech Integration A eroTech Integration

MechWarrlor Integration BattleForce Integration


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ble~thlng universe over the course of these

last seventeen years: Adventure Arch~ects. Herbert "- Beas II. Randall N. BillS. Jim

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BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (4)

REGUIEM Leutn8f1t.colooel William L.ange fought for control of his

Banshee as the enemy NighfSf8( circled him and What was left of his company. Fortunately for Lange. the NightS{Bf had less SUPPOI't: eIgJlt of its comrades lII'e1e crumpled and smoklnc on the around while it and its three comrades were In linle bener condition. Barely remalnlna upright after that last fusll1ac1e from the Nlghts/ar 's two L&X su\ocannons punctured his own 'Mech's gyroscope cas'n" Leutn8ol-cot.onel Lange turned his anentJon toward his seoondllfY mooitors. Four Allied tanks were moving In to support the Ni,lJIslar and its remalnlna compatri-

"". "Wolves three and eilllt. break off and hit those Pattons

before they eat us for lunchl Two, five , six and eleven, you 're WIth mel"

Lan&e and his six other Eleventh Arcturan GuardS ' Mechs looked like they'd been through hell and back. egaln, bul they'd finally tracked down the 1115\ few stragglers from the AsSIIIJI\ GuardS' th ird battjbravo company, and they weren' t about to let those Allied 'Me(:hs get f1W3'f acaln. The Assault Guards weren 't goIn& to &ive up eClslly, though. The Nightstar turned and fired <'Cain, thiS time at HiilUpunann Krein 's AUas.

"Damn! I'm out, sir: Even thrOUih the static and the rum­ble of the battlefield, Lange could still hear the anger and dis­appointment in Krein' s YOic:e, Or maybe it was that he knew the man so well. "SOOuvabitch musta got my hlp," Lange looked to his right and saw Krein's Atlas sprawled out face-oown on the &round, Its arms had been blown off eari ier in the baWe, Short Of II recovery crane or two other 'Meehs stopping to help hiS shattered Alias up, Krein knew he was flilished, "Whoever the hell he Is, he' s got some fT'IOYes! "

"Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that particular Niilhtstar take down too many of his men, He had no doubt that he could have laid waste to the NightSlar in his Fafnir, but that 'Meeh was still down for repairs, So he was piloting Koch's Banshee, At least he had one Heavy Gauss Rine In the ·Mech.

The Nightsrar made II sudden shift to its left, placing a copse of trees between it and Lange 's Banshee. while It fired of! another barrage from its autocannons, followed quickly by a PPC blast, at Letttnant Orsini's Devastator, toppling yet another assault 'Mech, "Two, are you alright?"

It took five long seconds before Orsini answered Lange. "Afllrmative, one. Just shook me up there, that's all. " As Lange moved around the copse, he watched Orsini gel back up, But before the leutnant could swing her dual Gauss Rifles around 10 punish the DiMon 'Mech , the Nilhrs/ar loosed one rl'IOI'e fuSil­lade, Lange watched In horror as letMant OrsinI's left arm lit· erally disinte&rated In an explosion that tore up her entire left


side, dropping the 'Mech to the &round on Its other arm, which e~pIoded a second later,

Lange didn't have the time to consider his MechWarriOr's fate . howeIIer, 11 Falconer ran Into view three hundred meters out, Leutnant.cotonelLange triggered both his Heavy Gauss and his autocannon, driving both weapons ' projectiles directly Into the Falcooer 's torso and dropping the 'Mech, It would never get up again,

"Good Shol, one!" Lange didn't answer. He'd alrea<ly turned his attention

back 10 the N/8hlslar, The enemy 'Mech wasn't COQgeratlng, thou&h, "0..,." he's good," The compliment just slipped out. Not that he expected anythinC less from a member of the Davlon Assault Guards. But there was something about the WI!If the NlghtSlar moved, Something familiar. Lange dismissed the though\. He'd drilled with literally thousands of MechWarriors during his th lrl)'-three years In the military, each with their own unique pllotJng style. But still , he couldn't shake the feeling that he knew thls MechWarrior.

Hauptmann Carter and Leutnanl Griscom teamed up to lake down II VIC/Of" and continued to harry a S/a/II~, leaving only the Nilhtslar. Suddenly, the enemy assault 'Mech stopped with­in another copse of trees, obviously lining up a shot on Griscom's PiIl8iler. The Nighlster fired, striking tile PlII8iler with standard munitions, The Lyran MechWarrior remained standing, however, and fired two Gavss rounds back towards the Nightstar, one hitting the Davion 'Meeh In the leg and nearly felling It. The attack did Spoil the NilhlSlar's fT'IOYe thou&h, gfy. ina: Lance the opening he needed.

The Lyran MechwarriOr charged forward . bursting Into the copse. Realiling he was in danger, the Davion MechWarriOr turned to meet the Banshee's charge. Both MechWarriors flred their weapons al the same time. Before Lange fell to the ground, he saw the satisfying crunch of his Heavy Gauss slug rip the 'Mech's already-wounded leg off, He scrambled to get back up before the Nighlslarcould snap off anothef round, but the 'Mech just lay there, still ,

Then he saw the crack in the co*ckptt canopy and the sub­tle splatter of blood on the inside. His own LB-X autocannon had found. breach. "Good." His gaze shifted down to the words scrawled beneath the caoopy, bul ll took him a few secoods to process the words he'd Just read, No, /hal can'l be righI, he thoug,ht. He was In the New Syrlis CMM, Bur he'd la.lcen vaca­lion Otl AIC)one before the war, The Assault Guards were on Ak ...

"Oh, Jesus Christi Jesus Christ • ..IeS ... " The words ' teftenant William Lange, J.r.' wete clear as day

10 the leutnant-colonel. His last word came out barely as a Whimper, "Billy","

BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (5)

INITIAL THOUGHTS How does one begin an Introduction to the darkest and

most painful chapter In the history of the Federated Suns or the lyran Alliance witl10ut sounding Insincere or cold-hearted? The Civil War lasted some fwe long years, killed mllliOlls of people

In both realms. plus many more in the Dfaconis Combine and even the Clan Occupation Zones, cost untold trillions of C·eills in damages and Invollted soldiers from every major power in the Inner Sphere.

Some say It was destined to happen while others believe that it was the Jealously and treachery of one IndlYidual that brought Civil War to the Federated Commonwealth. Historians can argue those points of view until they are blue in the face and the outcome wll' still be the same: the Federated ComITlOO­wealth is no more. Her best sons and daughters are dead. The Inner Sphere Is In ruins. The economies of the Federated Suns and the Lyran Alliance are shattered. their militaries are mere shells 01 what they once were.

WIlat more can anyone say? As a soldier myself. I had considerable difflcuhy even

responding to Victor Stelner·Oaviorfs request that the NAlS put together a document that would recount the events of the Civil War, much like Dr. Banzai did following the Fourth Soccession War. The New Avalon Institute of SCience has always been del'Oted to making knowiedge and technology ac<:essible to the common man, but weren"! we still too close to the war? The wounds opeoed up by this conlilct were stili far from healing, Indeed If they even could heal.

But then I came to realize that. more than anything. If we were to begin the healing process, we would need information. We cannot begin to answer the question -why" without knowing - how.- From my position on New Avalon. I was unfortunate ly sit· tlng center·stage to the entire progress of the war. I watched the terrible banles here on this beautiful world. saw gUl'I-Camera footage and banle reports as they came In. Talked IIrsthand to those who fought on both sides.

I was one of the "lucky" few who knew what was truly going on. But only afte r I was asked to put this wor1l together did I rea~ Ize that almost no one outside of the AFFS or L.AAF High Commands had that kind of access. As my staff began to research the progress of the war. we began to see just h-ow deep the lies that Katherine Stelner·Davion and her agents spread truly were. While every world within the former Federated Commonwealth was touched in some way by the Civil War. most had only received news about Its progress as filtered through the Archon's propagandists. Individuals whose job It was to paint Katherine as the beneYOlent ruler and Vk:tor as the evil despot.

Worse. with the glut of - renegade" news stories. "reaHife " accounts and fictionalized novels and halo-vld productions. even the educated had dllr!culty determining what was "real" and what was fICtion. Almost everyone In the Inner Sphere has seen either the Archer Chrlstifori or the "Heavy Guard" holo-lIlcks. but


while they Interspersed gun-camera footage into their produc­tions and employed actual AFFS or LAAF officers as adviSOfS.

those vlds bear lIn1e resemblance to what really tranSpired. So. what you see here in fronl of you. It the -real deal."

We have cut through the propaganda and the fictionalizations to deliver you the true stories of the Civil War. You will proba­bly be shocked to learn that. In many cases. what you thought was true has nothing to do with the truth. We have not changed names or dates to protect anyone. What we have done Is comb through the mountains of official reports. corr ducted thousands of interviews and reviewed the personal journals of numerous officers and soldiers who were Involved directly in the war. This wor!<. is. simply. a coocise and clear history of the Civil War. Do not let any other publication or release misguide you; Ihls is your ulUmate resource to the Civil War.

The first section. Behind the Civil War, Pl"esents you a brief glossary of sorts to the terms we use through this worll. Prelude to war Is a brief history of the events that lead up to the beginning of the Civil War. penned by myself. The next nine chapters describe In relative detail the events of each major Civil War Wave (Including the Invasion of the Oraconls Combine. the Jade Falcon Incursion and the OCMS RePl"isal) and was writ· ten by members 01 m~ staff. Postscript Pl"ovIdes you (I cooclu· sion of sorts to the Civil War. The ne~t two sections provide a detailed breakdown of how the major units Involved in the war deployed and where they fought. The Alias Pl"ovIdes a brief atlas of the significant worfds where battles ocet.lfred during the Civil War. The final section is Pl"lmarily for use by military af'ld acad­ernie personnelln~1ved In recreating the baWes of the Civil War for the purposes of education.

Everyone of us Involved In this Pl"oject have been deeply affected by OIIr wor1l on this project. Like everyone else within the Lyran Alliance or the Federated Suns, we lost family mem­bers and dear friends. respected colleagues af'ld close mentors. Having been here on New Avalon during then entirety of the war. from the Flashpoint, through the senseless destructlon of the First Oavion Guards. past the Archon'S bloody purges and on thrOllgl\ to the bitter end. we saw firsthand the worst that the war had to offer. Oul research Into the war only brOUght the pain of those losses back to the forefron\.

I know that those emotions will llood back to many of you who read this. and for that I apotogire. I can onl~ h-ope that we can all learn once af'ld for all that civil war can never bring vic· tory with It . only pain and suffe ring to all Involved.

Rainier Wotfgram. General. AFFS Commandant NAIS College of Martial SCiences 30 October 3067

BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (6)

BEHIND THE CIVIL WAR In Dresenting you this work detailing the federated

Commonwealth eMI War. we have attempted to make all o/the lsets fully accessible to el'eryooe--flOl Oflly Students of military or political history. but to the common cltlren as well. Because of the nature 01 this work. we are IlOtllble to present everything in absolute detail-for those who need a day-Oy-day reference to the actions 01 the las\ five years, both the AFFS High Command ClOd the ComSlar Archives hill/e wor1ted diligently to put togeth­er their own histories of the eMI War. At last count. however. each 01 those histories had exceeded seventy volumes thaI. while CeJtllinty the most complete records Of the CMI War that will ever be put together. are all but useless to any but the sen­OU5 hiSIOI1an.

Instead, we are maklng the history of the Civil Waf acces­sible to the average persoo. While we have compressed rIVe years 01 heavy fighting that spanned a thousand IIglll-years Into a relatively small report, what)'OO. the readers. will gel Is II full sense of how the war starled. how It progressed and how it ended. MOfeover, we will look at every signifICant wOOd on which there were major battles in enough depth to see the pro­gression of the military campaigns.

Above all . thooJ,h . this work fOC\lses on the military aspects of the CIVil War. While we touch on the political maneuvering and the b!Jreauc;ratic battles that happened behind the scenes. we do so only to provide a contexl for the larger events of the war. Ukewise. we louch only brlerly on the civil dlslUrbances and protests that brought normall1le nearly to a ha!! on hllndreds of worlds across the former Federated Commonwealth. FlIrther. becallse of the IImltlngnawle of PlIb­IIshlng reqllirements. we cannot tIope to cover every single worid on which a military engagement took place: ollr editors and reseilfchers Instead focllsed on the largest and/or most pivotal battles of the entire war. While we do not want 10 trilfi. allze lhe pain and sllffering on those worlds touched by the violence. we simply 00 not have the space In which to describe the way in which the war touched every wOfId that it did.

We have. however. attempted to bring the opinions and feellf1l$ of the people of the former Federated Convnonwealth to light. SCattered throughout the telll of this work are quotes and jOurnal e~eerplS from citizens and military leaders of both warring nations. designed to bring forth the human element of th is terrible war. It was. alter all . not a war lought between two nations' armies but rather a long put-olf conflict of wills between a host of different"fTIinde<llodivldllals. Clallsewill may have suPPOsed thaI war Is nothing more than an elllenSlon of politics. but AIe~andef Davion perhaps put it best when he said that civil war •.. .Is at its YIIry basis the evil of man personified: greed. sloth. gllIttony. eflVl. pride. Illst and wrath. Only Instead of directing these evils at others. we turned them lIpon our own brolhefs ancIslsters:



Belore we delve Into the history of the Civil War. we must first set the stanclards that we will lise throughout this work. The Civil War was as much about emotion as it was about the undert)ing problems of the Federated Convnonwealth AllilW'IC:e. Without lending too much credence to one viewpoint or dis­missing anothef. we have chosen to employ a set 01 Slandafds wtlen referring to the nations and major players that look part In the Civil War.

for the purposes of this docllment. when we speak of the Federated Commonwealth or the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth (AFFC). we are referring to the slale as it e.isted prior to tile secession of the Lyran state In 3051. Therefore. when we speak of the Lyran All iance. the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces (LAAf). the Federated SlIns and the Armed Forces of the Federated SlIns (AFFS). we are relerring to those nations and militaries as they ensted following the lyran secession. While we recognize that the Federated SlIns State was still olftdally known as the Federated Common­wealth. and that the Federated Commonwealth did not cease to edst lIntll the end of the CMI War. we chose 10 use this naming corwenllon lor lhe benefil 01 our readers. To do any­tiling else would likely calise more conluslon than necessary.

Ukewise. we chose to employ a similar convention In reler­ring to VIctor Stelner·Oavion ancl Katherine (Katrlna) Steiner· Davlon. Quite frankly. people throughout the former Federated Commonwealth could call Victor Sleiner·Davion by any one 01 a nllmber 01 titles: Archofl.Prince. First Prince. Commanding General. Precentor Marllal. and SlIpreme Marshal are /USI a few. As he willingly gave up claim to the throne of both the Federated Suns and the Lyran All iance. and during the course of the Civil Waf stepped 00Wfl from his poSitions within ComStar and the Star Leilie Defense Force (SLDF). we have chosen to simply refer 10 him by name (and wtlen no IUmBme is given. readers should assllme Illal the name 'VlCtor' is In reference to Victor Steiner.QavIonj. When a title Is lIsed. it will be used only in conjllnction 10 past evenls.

Perhaps more controversial will be our tfeatment of Katnerine Slelner·Oavlon. While we recognize that she look on the name 01 Katrina. In memory 01 her matemal grandmother. we mllst also recognize the debate that has taken place over the years because 01 her IISlUmptiOn of that name. especially in IlgI'lt of her involYement In so many crimes. While some may brand liS biased and will try 10 debunk liS as mere puppets of the Davion establiShment. we witl lise her given name. Katherine. wtlen relerrItC 10 her. Ukewise. while she was legally confinned as Archon 01 the lyran Alliance by the ~atth Council and the Estates General. she could not legally assume the position

BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (7)

01' First Prince of the Federated Suns. Therefore we will refer to her only as Archon Katherine. even while she sat on the throoe on New Avalon (technically as Regent).

MILITARY DEFINITIONS Undoubtedly. many readers of this wor\( will be historians

and trained military officers. Yet there will be a great percent· age who will have had either none 0( ooly rudimentary military training. so It behooYes us to define the terms we will be using throughout this work. We will assume that most readefs will understand the bask:s of the military chain of command. so we will not define the rank structures. we will . howeVer. define fO( all the O(tanlzatlonal terms we use throughout this work.

When talklng about the makeup of military units, we refer to three maJO( IYpes of units. Unless otherwise speclfled , most units are made up 01 only one type of combat element (Infantry, tank, BatUeMech. etc.). FO( purposes of this wor\(, milled units Bre made up of multiple IYpes of combat ele­ments. Including BattleMechs. Comblned·atml un1ls are made up of mutuple types of combat elements, though they lack BattleMechs.

The tquad Is the smallest combat unit used, comprised of rIVe to s.lXleen men 0( four battJe suits, and Is used exclusively In reference to Infantry 0( battle armor units. A platoon Is used In reference to either Infantry 0( armor (tanks and other c0n­

ventional armored vehk:les) and cooslsts of four squadS 0( four tanks. Organizationally, lane" are equivalent to platoons. but the term Is used primarily In reference to BattleMechs; a lance contains four 'Meehs. A eompany can be made up of two to frve platoons 0( lances, but Is usually comprised by three. A battal­Ion likewise can cOnlaln two to frve companies, and a reJlment can also have as many as five or si~ battalloos.

In aerospace terms, a "11Irt (someUmes ealled an Mlro lane.) Is made up of two fighters . Three flights trad itionally make a tquadtOl'!. while three SQUadrons form a wi",. Very rarely, three or more wings can be assigned together to fO(m an MlrOlpac:. reJlmefrt.

A brlpd. Is formed from a group of three or more regi­ments, usually of like composition. Thoueh not often used in modern military parlance. a division IS maoe up Of two 0(

more brieades. While mOSI of the previous units afe traditionally maoe up

of a single type of units (at least up thfoueh the brigade level). several ml~ed and combined·arms units also e~lt. A re.lmen­,al combat team (ACT) Is made UP of a single BattieMech reg· Imenl. an armored (tank) brigade. an Infantry brigade and sey.


eral aerospace wings. A eombat eommand Is usually a sub­division of BIl RCT (though it can also be formed from other units ). generally stronger than a regiment , thai takes battalion format ions from ·Mech. armored and Infantry units and eom­blnes them under a single commander. Combat commands are usually only temporary formations. but offer a commander more flexibility and capabil ity than a reelment of a slntle IYpe 01 combat element.

Most BaltleMech units. and all regimental eombat teams, within the AfFS and LAAF structures belong to a eombat or&l­niutlon--il greater organization of units that fall under the same administrative chain 01 command (such as the AfClurBll Guard, the OBllion Brigade 01' Guards or the SyrlJS Fusiliers). On the other hand. free units (usually regiment·slled 0( nigher for ground fortes ) cIo not belong to BIly specifIC eombat organiza­tion and are directed solely through the normal march or theater chain of command.

Ae,ula' army units are the full·tlme front·llne units of the AFFS or the LAAf; they receive the best equipment and SOldiers. Aea:Jonal militi. units are the secood-llne fO(ces that defend the Federated Suns' Marches and the lyran Theaters; they receive older and less-c:apable equipment. Planetary mliitla are the s0l­diers raised by eeen planet's government to provide a final line 01' defense; as they life financed primarily by each planet's gov­ernment. they vary in composition and capability. but very few employ BattleMeehs.

we will speak extensively about unit alfi llatlons; loyalist units are those that backed Archon Katherine. while Allt.d units were those that opposed the Archon.

Rnally. while It Is beyond the scope of tnls work to eive e~eet easualtles (and by casualties we mean dead/ destroyed. missing. unserviceable and/ or captured) suffered by each unit Involved In the war. we will talk about casualty levels In eeneral. Ulht easualtJea Include losses 01 all klnds up to ten percent of the unit·s combat strength. Moderate enualtJes are losses from ten to twenlyorlVe percent. heavy enualtJes are from !wen­Iyofive to fifty percent losses. and .. rIouiII e_1t1ea are more than fifty percent. In f;8Oerai . units that lost more than Sixty per· cent casualties were coosldered by the AFFS 0( LMF as IOIt or deatro~ed . even thougJl the unit might sti~ have a slgniflC8nt amount of loree left. especially within RCTs. In many eases with­in the past century. "destroyed" units were stnc:ken Irom the active military rolls. but took only 8 short amount of time to rebuild (8 few months to a few years). Even today. mere months after the official end of the Civil War. half a OOlen "destroyed" units have returned to service within the AFFS and the LAAF.

BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (8)


Much lias been said and Mitten on the subject 01 Katherine Steiner-DaYton's come 10 power on Thalbd In 3057 and aoain on New Avalon In 3060, some by expens but most by people woo barely understaoo tile laws gov­erning the operation of their own air w . While the QueslIOtI Should have been relatively easy to answer, the un/Munate lac! is thaI the set!Ssion allhe Lyran stat, threw \he law Inlo a Ilux.

When slit look on emergency Wi/-POW­ers in September 01 3057 In response 10 the Ma ri k·liao anack into the Sarna March, Katherine Steiner-Oavian assumed almosllhe lull powers 01 Archon. By seceding tile lyran Stal8 Irom the Federated Commonwultl'l, she summvily reinstated !he laws and codes 01 the Old lYfill Commonwealth, investing power back In the office Dllhe Arellan. Though large­ly symbolic, tile ra1ilicalion 111<11 the Estates General beslowMl upon Kalherlne Steiner­Davion Wi! al INI was required to 1e9aJf'1 make her Archon 01 the new lynn Alliance. Even before the Federale(l-Commonweanh AliiallCe. there were lew leoal "Qul/ements 10 stand In the way 01 a potential Ascllon, sa'/! a direcl blood tie to the fonTler leader and con­finnation by the Estates GMet3I.

wtleft Katherine Steiner·Dav\on·s bid !of power runs afoot of law is in her assumption of tile title First Princess 00 New Avalon. Her sister. Yvonne. ¥as NIT\ed Regent Of the Federal!d Commonwealth by her brOlhtt. AIthon-Prince VICtor Steiner·DavIon. and conIirmed by the AFfC High Command. the Federated SufIS' High Courdl and the lyran Eslates General. When Yvonne SteW'lef-Davion willinQly gave up th8 Regency in December of 3060 to Katherine, both the AFfC High Command and the High Council ~kewise conlillt'led this appointment. While th8 sitting ArchorI-Prlnce did noI nominate Katherine as Regent. the PriIIy Council (a groop 01 senior Ieadets from withm the High Councit), acting as tile Regent's Review Board, cou~ did­legally make that emergency appointmenL

Once conllrmed as Regent of the Feder· aled Commonwealth, Ilowever, Katherine 10$1 all IeoaI claim to the position 01 Althoi'l­Prince--the result 01 the Acts of Succession put Into piace by First Prince Aleunder Oavion

COllI/flUid all p. 10

"H8flse Davion marrying rhe heir to file L)'I'8n fhr()(lfl? Even If it is a match m800

In he8Vefl. I somehow h8\'e the feelinl that we 'll all be ,oIng 10 hell", ' - CtIrdinaI Francis R}m, New Avalon CaIhoIic Church, 3026

LOOKING BACK Officially, the war has been over lor scant months and already dozens of so­

called historical treatments of the Federated Commonwealth Civil War have been published throughoul the II'IOef Sphere, with literally thousands more articles. d0c­

umentaries and other media clamorina 'or the allentJon of historians and stuclents alike. As I write this, ballies are still wagina on more than a dozen 0' planets in both the Federated Suns and the Lyran Alliance, and that doesn't even begin to take inlo account the continued ilCllon In the Clan Occupation Zone, the Chaos MarCh and even the so-<:alled Tikonov Reaches.

Pessimists called the Civil War inevitable. Optlmists called it the worst QUality of humanity. Spiritualists see It as evil Incarnate. But we historians see it as JUSt another cycle. Anyone who takes looks back through the annals of humanity will see a trend of war and peace, Well, relative peace, at least. Politicians can call it what \Iley will , Uberals can blame It on Ihe conservative 'war-mongers ' while conserva­tives lay Ihe cause at Ihe feet of Ihe ' pantywaist liberal compromisers,' but when all Is said and done, It's just another cycle. Uke the great storms of Nahoni whiCh come and go with almost clock~ike regularity, war on a tremendously grand-scale has returned to the Inner Sphere, the likes of which hasn't been seen since the fall of the Star League.

That Is not to say thaI WiltS happen for Ihe sake 0' tlappeni~ No, there indeed Is a cause end effect relationship, But we can't predict with any certainty just why a war will happen ten, twenty, thirty or even a hundred years from now. The terrible truth that all historians have to live with Is that, while humanity Is destined to repeat their mlstlll<es, all we can truly rely upon Is 20/ 20 hindslght,

But )'011 , the lUnd readers, are probably not interested In the ramblings 0' this humble historian on the nature of his profession.

To say that the Fe<lerated COIlVIlOOweelth Civil War radiCally altered the course of humanity end drastically changed the lives of trillions Is stating the obvious. The war ImpilCled the life of every inhabitant of the Inner Sphere and Ihe near Periphery in some wf¥'/, Combat units hailing from just about every nation were Involved in some sort of fighting either directly or indirectly related to the Civil War, Conservative estlmates IndiCate that as many as 10 percent of the people in the Inner Sphere or near Periphery lost a relative or friend In the fightina. It may be known as the Federated Commonwealth Civil War, but It encompasse<l so much more than just that former meg&flatlon.

As with IIfl)'wat, Ihe pneSis of the connict lies Deep within layer upon layer of pot. iticS and Intrigue. The average pefSOIl would say that It happened because Prince VICtor forced hiS sister to secede Ihe Lyran state or that Katherine Stelner,DlMon was a power-nurwy despot Who killed ner mother and usurped her brother (depending upon the person's point of view). The educated person might say that Its aenesls lies much further back tnan that. howevef. While some will argue thalli goes all the W'i11 back to Ihe days of Lucien DIIYIon or Ihe Marsden" or to the evil of Stephan Amaris, most 8&lee that Ihe first embers of Ihe Federated Commonwealth Civil War were Ht with the marriage of Hanse DeMon and Melissa Steiner,

What I will attempt to 00 here is briefly describe the events leading up to the beginning 0' the Civil War, So while t will not delve Into the InUicate details of the his­tory of the Federated Commonwealth-after all, there are more than enough WOf1(s

that alfeady cover that era-! will provide a summary of the major events and sweep­Ing movements that most directly led to the Civil W81. Hopefully, with this brief primer


BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (9)


BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (10)

In 2541 . laws that wert specifically Included in tIM Federated·Commonwaalth Alliance Doc­ument wIMn "OrM!!I In 3022. MO/eover. belore an Individual ean become Archon-Prince 01 tIM federated Commonweahh (and by eKtension SUPftme Marshal 01 the AfFC). t~t must serve a minimum 01 IIYl yurs wittlin the AFFC. As she ~d rlMr served in tIM militafy 01 ell her nation. Katherine Stelner-Davion could notleoally assume t~t role.

Nevenheless. she began to use tIM title 01 Arst Princess (a title that technically never even ekisted-no matter the ~nder 01 the IeaOer 01 the Federated SUns. the position was alwm called "First Prinun In w1y 3061 wilh the 01 the Privy Council. She soon b'1lan to makt a number 01 slgnllieant c~nges within the government and military 01 the Federated Commonweallh-lncluding removing tIM current Prince's Cl\tlmp/on and naming another-atl WieQaHy.

01 course. the old axiom Clots st~1 appty: jlO$$eSSion Is nine-tenths 01 the law. WIllie she had no ieQal SWlding to assume the throne on Nfw Avalon. the lact that the people In the posltlOn to stop her not only did not do so. but actually gave lheir blessing. gave her the ~r to secure her posltion.

Even today. now tllatthe Clvit War is over and the Ftderaled Suns is ieQally a nation again. tilt ieQalities 01 the successiOn aTe con­IUSlng to ~t but a lew. VICtor Stelner-D.1vion lias renounced ~ claim to the throne on New Avalon. as lias his brother. Peter. Priof 10 doing so. Victor Issued dual proclamations that stripped his sisler Katherine (and her children) 01 any claim to the thrones on eilher New Avalon or Tllarbd and set the lines 01 succes­sion lor both flitions.

While she was oor::e flimed Reoent 01 the f«Ierated Comrnonwulth. that lact does not legally prevent Yvonne Stelntr-D.1vion Irom assuming the First Principality. though her lack 01 military seMce does. She now silS lIS

Regent on New Avalon. Per the DeBurte Traatise 01 2846. the Ilavion line 01 succession passes to her firstborn child. though if she mar· ries. her husband would be heir·by·marriaoe. Ukawise. Duke Geof~ Hasek is currenUV heir· presumptNl (with no othef cIliIdren 01 Hanse Davron available. the li~ traces back to the children 01 his lIalI·sister. Marie Oavion. pater' nal grandmother 01 Duke Geor~ Hasek). Even if Victor Slelner·Davion lias children. they

CrJfl,lflUld tiff p. 11

In mind. )'00. the readers. witt have a better sense of Just how and why the war pl'o­gressed the way that It did.

MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE The early decades of this century were truly a dinerent time. While. like to<iay,

war &ripped each of the Successor States. attitudes and emotioos were radiCally di'­ferent. The Third Soccession war was slowty grInOine to a halt. not because anyone had won. but because the Successor States were I.terally el'Jlausted. After centuries 01 almost unremittine war. not even the great economy of the Lyran Commonwealth could afford to continue the fighting.

As the fighting slowly ground to a halt. Archon I(atrina Sieiner issued her Peace Proposal to the leaders 01 the other Successor States. II pl'oPOsal that was met With scorn and clerislon'rom all but one. Of course. it was little surprise to pol itical schol· ars that Prince Hanse Davion of the Federated Suns tOOi( the At'chon 'S pl'oposal seri­ousty. Aner all. only rarely had their two natioos directly 'ought each other dutir'll the course 0' the Succession wars and both had conslClered the OJaconis Combine their most danaerous enemy.

What did surprise and shock the rest of the Inner Sphere was the Feclerated­Commonwealth Aillance Document signed In 3022. Though kept secret for some time. the alliance not only pl'ovided for the sharing of military. scieotirIC and Intelll· gence informatioo, but also heralded the eventual mergine of the two nations. Indeed. as an unwritten proviso of the alliance. Archon Katrina promised the hand of her daughter. Melissa. in marrillCe to PrInce Hanse DavIon.

Of course. the weddine 0' the two on Terra In 3028 shocked nearly everyone in the Inner Sphere. Never be'Ofe had two natioos atlle<l so closely. a 'act that fright­ened the other thee Successor Lords. Prince DaviOn and Archon Steiner vindicated the worries of their peefS when they launched the fourth Soccession War on the day 01 the wedding with Prince Hanse's proclarnatioo to his new wife. "In honor 01 our marrillCe ... I give)'OO a vast prize. I give you the Capellan Confederatlonl "

TtIat war lasted less than two years. but accompliShed more than any natioo had In two and a half centuries of WiIf. The militaries and economies of both I\Itlons 'elt the lift in esprit that came with victOfy. Once lukewarm polling results showed that. after the end 01 the fourth Soccesslon War. the people Of the Federated Suns and the Lyran Commonwealth overwhelmingly supported the alliance between the two superpowers. Even the people of the Sarna MarCh. the region fOfmed from the territory captured from the Capellan Confederation. eventually began to show their support to the union (though. to be fair. that change In attitudes happened only aher extensive campaigns by various political. press and Intelligence agencies from both the Suns and the Commonwealth extoll ing the virtues of Archon-Designate Melissa Stelner-DiMon as their leader).

&.It the alliance's loundation had cracks in It Ion& befOfe the Feoerated COmmonwealth was even formed offic ially. Right from the beginnine of the alliance process. key figures In both nations. such as Duke Michael Hasek·Davion and for· mer·Archon Alessandro Steiner. voiced their dissatisfaction with the mere klea of an alliance between the Federated Suns and the Lyran Commonwealth. Moreover. they actively COUrted opposit ion to the alliance within hlghlyop1aced and regarded Incllvld­uals with in the military and political structures of both nations.

Perhaps What did the most damage in the early days of the alliance. hOwever.

wert the warglWTles fought between the two militaries. The SCKalled All iance Games brought to light the weaknesses 0' the Lyran Commonwealth Armed fQr(:es. Quite a lew senior commanders within the LCAf. embarrassed by their poor showing In these games. feared a FedSuns takeover 01 the Lyran mllitary-no doubt to be 'oI1OWed closely by their takeover of the entire Lyran Commonwealth. While both ArChon Katrina Steiner and General of the Armies Edward Regis actively supported Increas· ing relations with the Federated Suns. Individuals like Duke freoeriCk Steiner. lhe


BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (11)

Archoll's cousin. plilCed blockade after blockade into the path 01 aUlance. Even the Archoll's sister, General Nondi Steiner, could manage lin le beller than cool feelings toward the alliance In publi<:: In private, the geneml contlnuatly bombarded her sister with bitter diatribes against the alliance, at least If the score of " Insider biographies' penned by members of the royal staff can be believed.

Of course, from the point Of view of the average Armed Forces of the Fedemted Suns officer, the LeAF was !uti of nothing but socialites and tledonlsts with absolute­ly no grasp of tactics. The continued failures of the LCAF In the Alliance Games did nothing to help that Image. MOfe than one AFFS commander expressed feelings 01 dissatisfaction with having to teach the Lyrans how to actually fight a war.

FATEFUL DECADE The Incredible successes of the Fourth Succession War did much to suppress

the dissent within the two nations. but the underlying problems were still there. Both nations' military academies opened their rolls to cadets hailing from either realm. The continuing expansion of trade and other civilian relations eased opposition with­In the general civilian population. and the simple fact that the Draconis Combine. Free WOrlds League and Capellan Confederation all felt increasingly threatened by the alliance brought a great deal 01 pride to the people.

While the politicians aM media relat ions departments of both nations wof1led overtime to sell their people on the benefits of alliance, the scientific community actually did more to close the gap than anything. Researchers all over the Commonwealth and Suns were wof1llng overtime to unlock the secrets contained with in the Star League Memory Core discovered in the days before the Fourth SucceSSion War. Almost dally, some rediscovered piece of technology was released to the general public. The people of the Lyran Commonwealth and Federated Suns. once exhausted and destitute after centuries of unremitt ing war­fare. were energized again.

The 3030s were not kind to the two nations of the lIedgling Feclerated Commonwealth. however. The formation of the Free Rasalhague Republic In 3034 caused a massive uprising of emotions within the Lyran Commonwealth. cumulating In yet another In a long string of rebellions within the Skye region. Surprisingly deftly handled by the leaders In both F-C states. the Skye Rebellion could have easily turned Into a disaster for the Lyran state had their two neighbors. the Draconls Combine and the Free Worlds League. not been embroiled In their own Internal problems.

At the close of the decade, Prince DaviOn again tempted fate by launching a mas­sive coordinated assault against the Oraconis Combine. The fates turned against the Prince In this so-ealled War of 3039, however. Quickly stymied by a daring coun­terassault helmed by Gunjl-no-Kanrel Theodore Kurita. Prince Oavion halted the war almost before it began. with but a few worlds changing hands.

The polili<:al fallout from these events was relatively minor. all things considered. yet ultimately the alliance suffered. Unfortunately. no one would truly recognize the damage until long afterwards.

MILITARY ALLIANCE From the moment they had begun negotiations for the Federated·

Commonwealth Alliance treaty. Prince Oavion and Archon Steiner envisioned a united nation, governed by the progeny of Hanse and Melissa Oavion and pro­tected by the most powerful military the Inner Sphere had seen in centuries. Their first actions in suppor t 01 the military alliance were to sponsor wargames between the two militaries. followed shortly thereafter by the format ion of the Federated Commonwealth Corps. an organizaUon of allied troops that eventually eocompassed twelve full RCTs. sta ffed by the finest soldiers that both the Lyran and Federated Suns military academies could produce and equipped with the best mili tary han:tware.


would be exempt l rom tile line 01 succession as they would have been bom alter his proclama· tion. Unlit Yvonne Steiner-Oavion has any chil­dren, the lines of succession wi thin the ~erated Suns will be cloutly.

Likewise, within the Lyran Alliance. the lines of sutteSSion are just as vague. Peter Steiner-Davion is the Archon. and the lines will trace lrom him through his spouse and chil­dren just as they do lor his sister, Yvonne. The current Heir-Presumptive is General Lisa Steiner, daughter 01 1I1e late General of tile Armies Nondl Steiner (the sister 01 Katrina Steiner and aunt to Melissa Steiner).

- M iele by Dr. Harry Kuzak, Chairman NAIS Law Oepanment 3067

cmL WRR nmruRc 3020 Arch(ln Katrina Steiner issues her 'Peace Prop(lsal" 10 the leaders 01 tile (ltller Houses: only Amt Prince Hanse Davion respofHls with interest

3022 (8 May) The Federated·Commonwealth Alliance Document signed on Terra (13 October) Initial prnclama!lon 01 the Concord of Kap teyn signed between the Capellan Confederation. Draconls Combine and Free W(lrlds league in response to the Federated·Commonwealth Alliance

3024 (10 AuguSl ) After almost two years 01 negotia­tions, tile l inallanguage and agreements In the Concord 01 Kapteyn Is accepted

3025 End (II Third Succession War

3026 Operation Galahad-first major wargame exer­cises between LCAF and AFFS

3027 Operation Galahad II and Thor-second major wargame exercise

3028 (20 August) Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner

Continued on p. 12

BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (12)

married on Terra: AFF5 and LeAF laoncll Fourth Succession War

3029 Tikonov Free Republic secedes from the Capellan Confederation: 51. Ives Compact secedes hom the capellan Conlederalion

"" (to January) First Prince Hanse Davion and Archon Katrina Steiner declare cease-lire. end· ing Fourth Succession War (l 2 April) Victor Ian Steiner-Oavion born

3031 (September) Tikonov Free Republic absortle1:i by the lyran CommonweaHh's Sarna March

3032 (t6 Novembtr) Katherine Morgan Steiner­Davion born

3034 Free Rasalhague Republic Formed: Skye Crisis lfares

3035 (2 February) Peter Ardan Stelner·Davion born

3037 (14 July) Arthur Andrew Stelner-Davion born

303. (15 March) Archon Katrina Steiner resigns: Mel issa Steiner-Davion named Archon: Yvonne Stelner·Davion born (2 April) AFFC launclles the War of 3039

3040 {4 January} Katrina Steiner dies (II January) first Prioce Hanse Davion ends war 01 3039

3042 (1 April) Armed Forces of the Federated Commonweanh ollicially lormed

3050 (Marcil) The Clans Invade the Inner Sphere (10 September) AFFC victory on Twycross over Clan Jade Falcon (31 October) Clan Invasion temporarily hailed wtlen IIKhan Leo Showers Is killed

Cllnllnu,d lin p. 13

As the two militaries continued to work with e!ICh other. the leaders of the two nations continued to encourage their senior offICers to coordinate operations and do wtlat they could to share administrative and logistics concems. The Federated Commonwealth Intelligence Corps (FCIC) had Its humble beginnings years eariler In the coordination office set up to share Intelligence between the lyran Commonwealth and the Federated Suns for the Fourth Succession War. Over the course Of a clecade. the FCIC turned into something far more, directing the efforts of the two nations' Intelligence agencies.

By the beginning of the 3040S. the two militaries had grown significantly clOS­er. despite the best eflorts of those who felt threatened by the alliance. The build· up to the War of 3039 only served to drown oot the cries Of the dissenters as the two military machines prepared to cf\lSh their m()ftal enemy-the Oraeonls Combine. The dissenters soon had their day In court. though , and proclaimed that the utter fall· UI8 of Prince Davion's plan to destroy the Dragon was a herald that the alliance was doomed. While their underlying premise may have been faulty. history nevertheless proved them correct nearly three clecades later.

In spite of the vocal dissention. the active poIitiea lobbying on both sides Of the border and even the failure e~perienced at the hands of the Draconis Combine. the majority of the two nations' people stili saw full alliance as a positive thing. Prince Davion and newly-appointed Archon Melissa Ste iner-Oavion directed their militaries to unite under the banner of the Armed Forces of the Federated commonwealth. In 3042 the AFFS and the LCAF did Just that. Though the two maintained a great deal of autonomy and retained mllCh of their individualities. the Federated Suns and Lyran commonwealth State Commands reported to the High Command of the AFFC.

Unfortunately. emotions flared In the final stages of Integration. While difftcul· ties had sporadically come to light during the previous twenty years. they paled In contrast to the problems Ihal erupted following the Integration. The leaders of the AFFC came up with a new rank system and new uniforms to replace those of the for· mer AFFS and LCAF. Though designed to inspire an esprit de corps withIn the varied members of the nascent AFFC. the new ranks and uniforms quickly became objects of scorn for the majority of the AFFC. Many ranking commanders were given what they

considered to be demotions and. combined with the sudden Increase of senior offi· cers. felt they had lew optlons lor promotion.

FedSuns officers quick/)' lound themselves surrounded by Lyran counterparts. Fearing they would be passed over for promotion by Lyrao commanders because they didn't have the right parentage. natives of the Federated Suns formed their own unof· ficlal cliques and gave preference to those they considered "their own: parado~lcally

perpetuating the very type of discrimination they leared. On the other hand. AFFC members hailing from the Lyran state felt that they

were In the minority. that they were the intertopers. Constantly out·performed by their AFFS counterparts in combat e~erclses , many lyran offICers felt they had to do every­thing within their power to ensure that their brothers remained fairly represented within the AFFC.

In short. the newly-formed AFfC was an organization wrought with problems. It was a good thing that it was almost a decade before the AFfC f!ICed Its Ilrst major enemy.

ADVERSITY ... Throughout the 30405. the AFFC ellperlenced growing pains that at times crip­

pled the combined militaries of the soon-to-be Federated commonwealth. Prince Hanse and Archon Melissa instructed their trusted senior leaders to forge a newfound solidarity within the AFFC. Unfortunately. that meant purging the ranks of the malcon­tents and the chaff. Again. though these purges did not single out any particular nationalities or groups. many officers felt that they and their brothers were unfairly tar· geted. While the purges did eventually rid the AFFC of most of its troublemakers. they


BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (13)

caused more problems than they sotved, especially as some of the most senior offi­cers qulck/y became known as hatchetmen. Hauptmann General W'l1118Il1 Regis, son of the lasl Lyran General 01 the Armies and a staunch Lyfan nationalist, took early retlr. ment In spite of a promlsi~ career--ooe that could h8Ye taken him to the head of the AA'C---Oeeause those arOl.ll'lCl and under him considered him flO\tI~ more than a Oavlon puppet. His was not the only career 10 suffer such a blow.

But the close of the de<:ade brought a sudden spurt of solidarity to the AFFC, though not because of any actions of the High Command. In late 3049, as everyone knows today, the Clans returned to the Inner Sphere on their Operation Revival; the Lyfan State lay In the dlre<:llIne of their assault path,

The AFFC was, as we all know, lI~prepared for the Clan onslaught. Not only did these descendants of Aleksandr Kerensky's Slar Lea&ue Oefense Force have the techrlOlO&iCal advanta&e, but they attacked from a completely undefended approach. The first year 01 the Clan war saw the AFFC simply pouq as many units as they

coukl into the path 01 the Clans. a tactlc that resuned ~ the deaths of far too many you,. sons and daughters.

As the war progressed, the factious nature of the AFFC, and indeed the enllle­ty of the so-called Federated Commonwealth, truly came to the surface. People In the Lyfan state believed that Prince Hanse OaYlon did not care about them and was holding back Is beSI units 10 protect Ille Federated Suns. At the same time the peo­ple In the Federated Suns complained Just as loudly that they were sending their sons and daughters off to be slaughtered by the Clans for no good reason. The fact that the two nations were put onto a wartime economy as soon as the threat 01 the Clans became apparent did not help mailers at all ; civilian shipping almost ground to a halt and lu~ury Items quickly became elmOSI Impossible to obtain. Moreover, the price of common Items and even food rose to such great heights on some worlds that some citizens found it almost Impassible to live.

To be fair. this dissellsfaction did not e~tend to every wond nor did a mBjorlty of the cftizens of the two nations even express their unhappiness with the Federeted Commonweelth allienee. Polls from that time period indicate that there werl sllil a mlljority wOO belleYed that their leaders were effectively performing their jobs and that the Blilenee was still a good thing, Of course, by thiS time the cracks in the foun­dation were becoming more readily visible.

The Federated Commonwealth still had some life In it. though.

... AND GRIEF Historians have tried to assess the cost 01 the Clan war fOf a dec8de and a half,

and every time have fallen short. The final toll In dead will never be known, Certainly, the Lyran state Ios\ f8l' less than the Oraconis Combine did Injust the Turtle Bay mas­sacte, yet the effects are still bei" felt today. The economies of dozens of worlds wefe CIU~ while both halYes of the Federated Commonwellllh were deprived of the revenues of dozens more captured by the Clans. Perhaps the most important loss the Federated Commonwealth feit was the deeth of Prince Hanse Oavion, however,

Archon Melissa Ste lner·Oavlon stepped UP In her husband's place and assumed the rOle of SOle leader of both realms ~ technlcally slttlng as regent in the slead of her son VlctOf taking on the UUe of Arst Prince of the Federated ~ms, though the legal matters of this office are oesribed In the sidebar entitled Llw . nd the Prlnclp8IIty, beginnirlg on page 8 ). SO beloved was she by people In both halVes of the SlJper·state thai not even the most l'IarO-linI conservatives within the Federated Suns dared oppose her publicly. Archon Melissa managed almost single-handedly to put behind most of the animosities and diflla.ilties felt by the people of both nations, rallyi", them to rebuild the Federated Commonwealth's economic and military sue""h.

The federated Commonweellh was well on its way to a new renaissance when ua&e<Iy struck aaain. On 19 June 3055, Melissa Steloer·Oavion died on Tharllad In an assassin's blast. In one fell swoop, the Federated Commonwealth simultaneous-


3051 (12 January) The leaders of lhe Inner Sphere convene on OutreaCh at the invilat ion 01 Colonel jaime Wolf (S August) captain-General Thomas Marik aorees 10 supply the AffC and the DCMS with military equipment; In exchange, his son Is brought 10 New Avalon and placed under the care 01 doctors Irom the NAIS (NoYember) The Clans rtsume their Invasion of the Inner Sphere (25 December) Wolf's Dral)OOlls and the Kell Hounds arrive In the Luthien 5y$lem to assist In lite del'lIM of tilt Combine's capital under orders Irom AfSI Prince Hanse ~

3052 (5 January) Banle lor Luthien; banle of AtyIna in whIch Archon-Prince deslgnale Victor Steiner'Davlon Is almost caplufed; Justin Allard killed and Prime Minislar candace LIao wounded in assassination anempl on'ered by

cnmcellOr Romano uao (1 May) The battle 01 Tuka)yid beOiM (6 May) Archon·Prince Designate Victor Steiner·Cavion on Ihe Combine world 01 Teniente to rescue Hohiro Kurita (8 May) C~ncellor Rom.1l10 Uao dies, olllclal· Iy 01 natural causes. though various rumors indiQta thai either Sun-Tzu Liao kilts her or that Prime Millister candace LIao ordered her issassination in retribution lor the attempt on her OWf\lile (20 May) Banle 01 Tukayyid ends; IS-year Truce 01 Tukayyid beOins (17 June) First Prince Hanse Davion dies 01 a he.irt attack; Arthon-Prince Designate VIctor Steiner·DaYion reluses accessIon as First Prince: Archon Melissa Stelner'Oavion accepts the Reoency 01 the Federated Suns

'''' (Febru.1ry) The Red Corsair beOins raids Into the Federated Commonweahh

"" (18 April) Clan Wolf loins the AFFC in opera-tions againsl the Red Corsair once evidence 01 Clan suppon Is prown (19 June) Archon Melissa Stelner-DavkIn mur­dered; VICtor Stelner·Davion becomts Arti)ono Prince: Federated Commonweallh ollicially comes Into being

CDnffnu#d Dn" 14

BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (14)

(11 September) The Red Corsair lands on Arc­Royal and is beaten back by Kell Hounds and Clan Wolf forces (25 October) The Red Corsair and her forces destroyed on Elissa before they could trigger an Incident tllat would force the repudiation of the Truce of Tukayyid

3056 (April ) Skye Rebellion begins (24 April) Ryan Steiner assassinated

3057 (20 May) Joshua Marik dies and the MilO plants a double in his place on New Avalon (16 September) captain-General Thomas Marik launches Operation Guerrero; ChancelkJr Sun­Tzu Liao launches his own olfensive against the Federated Commonwea~h (18 September) lyran Alliance secedes from the Federated Commonwealth: Katherine

Continued on p. 15

Iy came Into being and sat down upon its death bed. Until that day. the Lyran Commonwealth and the Federated Suns were stili technically two separate nations (though of course the grounawOfl< to unite the two halves under a single government had been put Into place years before). Victor Ian Stelner·Oavion became Archon Prioee that day. ruler of a nation destined to tear itself apart,

MISTAKES AND MISSTEPS Almost from the minute that Melissa Steiner·Oavion died, rumors of Victor 's

Inl'Olvement In her assassination began to surface. Within weeks, people In every corner of the Inner Sphere had heard lI1at at lI1e very least Victor was compllcit in his mother's death. After all. the rumors went. why else wasn 't he at her funeral?

Of course, In retrospect we can make a more educated deduction at who was truly behind the assassination of Melissa Stelner·OaYion. That it does seem that one of her children as well as a cousin were intimately involved in the plot does not lessen its impact even today, nor do they magically erase all of the problems faced by lI1e nations of the Federated Commonwealth sioee. The simple fact is that the assassination of Melissa Steiner-Oavlon lit the metaphorical fuse that eventually det· onated on Kall1ll the powtien<.eg that the Federated Commonwealth had become.

As could be e~pected, the people of the Federated Commonwealth split down lines of nationality, though after some three decades of free trade and alliance, the line of demarcation was not so clearty visible, Individuals and groups In both hal~es of the nation called for Victor's head, That he was schooled primarily in the martial arts hur t him terribly In the years following his mother's death-while he was the


BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (15)

firstbofll son of Hanse and Melissa Davion, he was wholly unprepared to take on the mantle of leadership, Without decades of political and diplomatic experienee under

his belt, he made several serious blunders that he could 1'101 recover from, blunders that cost him a greal deal of support within both the Federated Suns or the Lyran Commonwealth, Politicos that ooee considered themselves allies of the al~powerful

Steiner·Oavion family headed for the hills, so to say. protecting their own little chunks of power.

In 3057 VICtor leamed that the)'OUng son of CaptalJ'l.Gertefal Thomas Marik, the leader of the Free WOfIds League. was dying. The child had been under the care of NAlS physleians on New Avalon for the better part of the decade, a political move made to secure the asslstance of the Free WOrlds League In supplying the AFFC with the weaPOfls and equipment it oeedecI to combat the Clans. PrInce Victor made the fateful decision withhold from Thomas Marik the truth about his son's condition and Instead replace the young boy with a oouble. When Marik found OUI, he Immediately launched a punitive campalgro against the Federated Commonwealth, one on wtlose coattails the Capellan Confederation rode, aimed at taking back all of the territory IoSI

during the Fourth Succession War, Where VICtor expended the majority of his energies on becoming a warr\or.gener·

ai, it was Katherine wtlo truly followed In the ways of both of her parents. By her eigh­teenth birthday, she had mastered the arts of manipulation. But where she inherited her mother's Incredible beauty, she also lnt1erlted the ounger of the Oavions.

seiling upon the opportunity affOrded by her brother's political Ineptitude in hiill' dling the Joshua Marik sltuatlon In 3057, Katherine seceded the lyran state from the Federaled commonwealth, naming herself AfChon Kalrina (In oonor of her maternal grandmother) In the process. From her palace on Tharkad, she and her adViSOfS manipulated the citizens of both halYes of the Federated Commonwealth while VIetor defended the Sarna March againSt the Incursions of both the Free Worlds League and the Capellan Confederation,

While most Critics place the young AlchOIl-Prlnce's greatest mistake in the way he handled the Joshua Marik situation, the way he misjudged his sister Katherine may prove to be an even weater mistake. Whether due to naivete or poor advice from his political advisors, Archon·Prince Victor did not oppose the lyran seces· slon In any way. Furtl'lermore, while his sister Issued a recall order to all Lyran mil itary units operating within the Federated Suns stale , Victor did not recipro­cate. Even more damaging, a majority of the Federated Commonwealth's JumpShlp fleet was stili operating within the Lyran state at the time of the seces· slon. By nOI opPOsing his Sister's bid for power, Archon.Prlnce Victor severely hurt the remainder of the Federated Commonwealth. Morale within the Federated Suns state was at an all·lime low.

What the Federated Suns needed was a vietory of incredible proportions. That , alleast. was something that Vietor could produce.

IRONIC FATE Perpetually c:oneerned with the threat of the Clans, VICtor was handed an Incre(l.

Ible piece of Intelligence in 3058, one that would affect the lives of every man. woman and child In the Inner Sphere: the location of the Clan homewor1ds. Putting together a task force made up of units from every Inner Sphere realm, Victor embarked on an od'yssey that would spall thousands of light years and take more than two years to complete, But In the end, one entire Clan lay annihilated, and with it the immediate threat posed by the rest of the Clans.

Yet wh ile Prince Vietor was doing wtlat he did so well, so too was his sister, Katherine. She master fully manipulated the people of the Federated Suns and her own Sister Yvonne, whom Victor had named Regent of the Federated Commonwealth in his absence. With Victor gone to fight the Clans. Katherlne 's people played up the fact thaI. having heard nothing from the two task forees sent to destroy Clan Smoke Jaguar. Vietor COUld have been killed in action months earlier. Subtly encouraged by


Steiner-Davion named ArchOn by the Estates General (November) 14th battle of Hesperus: end of the Skye Rebellion (20 November) Khan Phelan Ward leads Olle­third 01 Clan Wo/1 into exile In the lyran AlliallCe (15 December) captain·General Thomas Marik ends Operation Guerrero: ChallCelior Sun·Tzu Liao does likewise shortly therealter

3058 (1 January) Ou~e Morgan Kell creates tile Are­

Royal Oelense Cordon (January) Archon Katherine Steiner-Oavion

travels into the Clan OZ 10 forge a pol~ieaVmil' itary alliance (3 February) Clan Jade Falcon begins its inva­sion 01 tile lyran Alliance. w~h a !inal destina­tion of Covenlry (10 February) First Prince Victor Steiner­Oavlon begins (ourney to Tukavvlll for wargame exercise with ComSt31 (12 February) Archon Ka\llerine Steiner·Oavion captured by Khan Vladimir Ward (28 February) The WOld of Blake begins tllelr assault on Terra (15 March) Clan Jade Falcon lorees land on Coventry (20 March) Archon Katherine Stelner·Oavion returns to Tharkad (5 June) First Pl'ince Vietor Steiner'Davian arrives In the Covenlry system with a multi­national task torce (16 June) First Prince Vietor Steiner·Oavion oilers the Jade Falcons on Coventry hegira (I October) The lirst Whining Conlerence opens on Tharkad, leading to the reformation of the Star league all(! the decision to target Clan Smoke Jaguar lor Annihilation (14 November) Precentor Martial Anastaslus FtlCht presented w~h the location 01 the Clan IIomeworids (21 November) Star league Constitution signed (29 December) First Prince Victor Steiner­Davion 3rriv6 on Luthien

3059 (1 May) The OperatiOO Serpent task lorce leaves Oefiance, bound lor the Smoke Jaguar cap~al 01 Huntress. AFFC Marshal of the ArmiH Morgan Hasek·Oavion commanding (20 May) Operation BulldO{! begins, Preuntor

Martial Anastaslus Focht commanding with

Crlnllnutld IJn p. 16

BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (16)

First PriI'lUl Victor Sttlner·Davion serving as his deputy: DIIChess Yvonne Sttlner·Davion sitting as Feder.llted CommonwNIth Regent on New Avalon (13 AUOust) The Operation BulldOG task 10fU lollows tile reirNling Smok! Jaguars back to'll3rds !he Clan Homewonds

3D" (3 Januasy) Mirshal 01 tile Armies Morgan Hasek·Davion assasSinated while emout' to HuntrltSS (2 Mareh) The l irst lnner Spllere forteS land on Huntress (9 April) Conquest 01 Huntress complete (23 April) Tile Great Relusal Is lought on the Clan IIomewOf\d 01 Strana Mechty: the Bulldog and Serpent task forces prepare lor return 10 the Inner Sphere (20 November) Archon Katr ina Stelner­Davion arrives on New Avalon at the behest 01 her sister (22 December) duch*ess YYonn8 Slelner·OavIon abdicates the Regency; ArchOn Katrina Slelner' Davion assumes the ReQency on New Avalon

3061 (1 5 March) VIctor Stelner·Davion arrMs on Luthlen, returning with the BulldOG aMI Serpef1t task torus (1 November) SWt 01 the second WhItting Conlerence on Tharkad (5 November) Precentor Manial Anastasius Focht retires; Victor Stelntf-Davion named ComStar Precentor Martial: Thtodore Kurita elected First Lord 01 lhe Star LNgue: Victor Steiner·Oavion also appointed Commanding Gene~ 01 lhe Star League Deranse Force

3062 (12 July) Raid on Skyt by mercenaries dis­guised as DCMS troops (1 August ) Firsl Skye Jaegers attack Ko in Ihe Lyons Thumb (15 AuouSI) Riots and open lighting break oul on Solaris Villollowing a championship malch (18 October) Combine troops anack Robinson. Maoob and Donevalll (16 November) The Civil War begins on Kalhil (6 December) Arthur Sleiner-Oavion killed on Robinson (8 December) V"tCtor Ste"tner·Davion calls lor the lorcible removal Irom power 01 his sister

Katherine"s public statements and her behlnd-the-scenes machinations. groups all across the Federated Suns rose up In protest acalnst Victor Stelner,Oavioo and his )'OUI1I and lneKperienced regent.

Shocked by the anger and hatred alme<! at her. Yvoone turned fNl8'J from her political advisors and instead went to her SiSler for help. Just as easily 8S she took control of the Lymn half of the federated commonwealth. so too did Katherine step in CIIId (ake up the reins 01 the Federated Suns.

When Victor retume<llo the Innet Sphere months later. he returned a hero wlth­out a home.

COUNTDOWN Katherine may have m!ll\aged to wrest control of the entire federated

COmmonwealth ~ trom her brother. bul she was not without problems of her own. When she seceded the L)'fIWI state from the fedCom. she played up her Steiner her· itage. gOing so far as to 8CIopt the name 01 her grandmother In order to play upon the nationalistic feelings 01 the Lyran people. WIlile that may have worked for many Lymn cltizens. that pen;ona dkl not go Oller well within the Federated Suns.

from the very outset of her come to power within the federated Suns. Archon Xatherine began to suppress n~t the free Speech rights of her people-all tier peo­ple-followed shortly by suppressing many of their other freedoms, Instead of rely· Ing upon the bureaucracy that had kept both nations running lor centuries. K8ll'terine circumvented it and set Into plClCe her own leade~hlp structure. Within the AFFC. she had reffiOYed Reid Marshal Ardan Sortek as commander 01 the Crucis March and as the Prince's Champion. promoting in his steed 8 we8koWilled Lyran national. Fteld Ma~hal Simon Gallagher, Ukewise. she gave wide IIUthority \0 nobles In both realms ....00 supported her. effectively creating 8 chaln-of-eommend thaI bypassed the trad~ tIonal channels. Of course. in creating this back-door circuit, she also very effectively designed a way to claim plausible denlability BOd bacI( lNI8'1 from any decisions that could come back to haunt her.

Uterally hundredS of grOUps $prune up In opposition to her rule almost OIIefnight. many daiming members in hl&h gOllerrmefll end military positions. But just as quickly 8S those groups emerged, SO too did het own personal secret police. Some of these latter people be~ed to the OMI or MIlO, ..mIle othe~ WIIre simply frie1ld1y military or government bureaucrats and staff membe~ . All 01 these IndMd­uals shared 8 single-minded deYotiOl'lto K8therine Stelner-Oav!on, however,

Belore VICtor ~n returned from Ctan space. anti'Katherine groups had publicly demonstrated on more than half 01 the federated Suns' ~s, 8S well 8S on dozens of Lyr8f1 worlds. Wach of those protests were quelled on orders Irom Archon

K8therine's secret police tOfce. WOr1<.lng outside 01 the IfNls. membe~ of this group suppressed demonStr8tionS In any w8'J that they could and even managed 10 block almost all press coverBge of the antl ·K8ll'terine j)fotests. All the While. Katherlne's e~ensive PR empire built up the picture that the two nations of the federated Commonwealth were &g81n two close ailles with no Internal problems.

Of course, that could not go on forever. Almost overnight, K8therlne had turned the federated Suns Into 8 police state where no one felt safe . On the other hand. with Katherine spending so mUCh time on New 'walon, the people of the Lyran Alliance began to feel used and cast off. While Katherine 's IOY81 following was still centered with in the AlII8nce, more and more people began to C811 lot her remov81.

fQr his part , VictOf Stelner·Oavlon chose to not IIWOIYe himself In the coming stOfm. Instead. he created something of a new life for himself, choosing to accept the position of PrecentOf Martial from comstsr Primus Sharilar Moo When

Anastasius FWht retired In 3061{thoug,h at the same \Jme he took the opportunity to sl)'mie his Sister's ambition by casting comStar's lateful YOte !!&Blnst Katherine


BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (17)

In the elections for Arst Lord). Shoftl~ thereafter. newty..elected Arst Lord Theodore Kurita appointed Victor Commanding General 01 the Slar League Defense Force. gi~lng him the dual task of keeping the Com Guards running and coordinating the defense of the Inner Sphere against the Clans.

AJI the wtlile. at great danger to their very lives. man~ senior AFFC officers called upan VictOf to depose his sister. b\.Jt he remained unwilling to bring Civil War to the Federated Commonwealth. That Katherine was suppressing. sometimes violently, the rights 01 his people weighed heavily on his sl1ool· ders. b\.Jt in his mind a civil war would bring notillng b\.Jt pain and sullering to everyone. Even with his closest of advisors telling him that he needed to remove his sister once and lor all. Victor refused to make the call. Instead he provided what little assls· tance he lelt that he coold from his position to the people under her thrall.

FATEFUL STRAWS Nearly everyone believed tilat the fighting tilat bfoke oot on

SoIaris In August of 3062 would spark the brewing Civil War. That it didn"! is but one of the many surprises In life . Somehow Katherine's PR machine managed to make the fighting and riot· Ing on the game world sound like nothing more than an isolated Incident. Of course. by that time every "Insider" within the Federated Commonwealth knew otherwise.

Yet Katherine still maintained control. Apart from her secret police. she had a loyal cadre of senior military and political lead­ers whom she managed to convince of her sincerity and vision. Without free access to the communications circuilS. CQmman­ders who were simply looking for others to support them when they finally did take action could not easily find other like-mind· ed ofrlcers. Some senior leaoers. like Aeld Marshal Duke George Hasek. focused the energies of the men under his com· mand on other enemies rather than le t the diviSion tear his march apart.

On the other hand. men like Ardan SOr tek secretly traveled back and forth across the Federated Commonwealth. building Quiet support against Katherine. Many commanders simply began a silent yet open rebellion against her rule by issuing tra­ditional AFFS uniforms In place 01 the AFFC garb.

By the end of 3062. the Federated Commonwealth was nearly engulfed In the flames of war. Katherine's suppor ters could no longer keep the dissent Quiet. at least without allenat· ing those supporters of hers who weren·t motivated by greed or personal power.

Then the powderkeg went up. In mid-November the tensions that had grasped the entire

milltar~ came to a head on Kathll when the Eighth FedCom ReT and the newly-<:onstituted Kathil CMM came to blows. News of this action spread faster than anyone could have Imagined. Within a week. fighting had bfoken out on a dozen more worlds.


Less than a month later. Arthur Stelner·Davion was killed in a bomb blast on Robinson, an assassination apparently perpe­trated to keep the young Duke Quiet In the middle of a tense region of the Federated Suns.

The cleposed Archon-Prince could flO longer sit quietly by. The rest. so they say. Is history.

FINAL THOUGHTS Moreso than most modem wars. the Civil War provides us

the opportunity to examine nearly every mOW!men\. every action in excruciating detail. The AFFS and LAAF high commands both provided us almost absolute carte blanche when it came to the stVdy of offICial (and uflOfficlal) records aoo battle ROMs. We re<:eived unfettered access to the offleers and decision makers involved at all levels of the war. More than that. we were {rven access to the personal diaries and correspondence of many 01 the senior generals on both sides. a fact that was especially helpful In piecing together the actions and decisions of those who didn't survive the war.

While this access gives us an Incredible opportunity. it also aHows us to put a face to the people that cause so much pain and suffering. faces that many of us know or knew personalty. Even WQrse. it Is rare that we can directly trace the first shot of a war back to one individual. Though like Gavrilo Princip. the name Xander Barajas will probably draw nothing but blank loolls from most in a few years. history will never forget the name of the man who fired the first shot. Uke that assassin of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Barajas began something far greater than any­one could ha~e ever imagined.

Of coorse. we cannot lay the blame for the entire Cillll War on that misguided leftenant from the Eighth FedCom RCT. just like that ancient serbian assassin was not responsible for Terra 'S Rrst World War. They were merely tools of fate. pawns In a grand game of chess that none of us can fuHy perceive.

It Is a hard thing to say that the universe is a better place because of this horror. that the loss 01 so many men, women and Children Is a good tiling. SO. instead, I wi!! leave you with these Quotes:

"SO viewing lhe Issue. no choice was left bUllO call out the war power of /he Government; and so to resist lorce, employed for irs destruclion. by force. for Its preservation."

- President Abraham Uncoln. July 4. 1861, in a message to the Congress of the United States of America

"The legacy of tyranny lranscends [he ages like none o[her. That we stood fast against the evil does fIO[ make us heroes bur sim­ply redeems us In oo( chlldrens' eyes. Yell weep for whal we have done 10 Ihls ooavliful jewel {of a nalion}. "

- Arst Prince Alexander Dalllon, Septmber 17, 2541. In an address to the Armed Forces 01 the Federated Suns

BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (18)


'Those wtIo deny fre«kJm /OO/Mrs. deser.-e if flO{ frK themselves: and, uttder"" just God. can nollotlf re/slnlt . • - Abtaham Lincoln. April 6, 1859, .,,, lener fa Henry Pierce

"RCtShpoinr? Yea/!. fha"s om way to put It. A mil/iorl Ions of shiI. hitting rhe fM at 1M same rime Is ano~ ••. • - comment allriOOllH1 fa Reet Admiral Wimam "Wet Willie" Kossacks. Commander, S«ond D.9viOn ~8Id5

OVERVIEW The Feclefilted Commonwealth eivif WI!K started not WIth a

roar but WIth a wtllmper. While the war W8$ II surprise to no one, few military leaders 00 either "side" of the fight made much in the way Of preparations for the coming of the storm. Strangely. it was primarily those Who did nol cnoose a side In the waf that made any SlgTIlflC3n\ plM!! for what they and their units would do should the Civil War finally break out, but even then those plans centered moStly on how to get away from the fighting. not how to prosecute fhe war.

SO, rather than resembling 8 military O!)eratlon. the begin­ning ITIOI'lths. and even years, of the Civil War looked more like a street brawl- small pockets of fighting breaking out uneJ­pectedly, slowly drawing those around the fights into the midst 01 the melee. and all the While encouragmg others within Sight to begjn their own brawls.

Throughout the year 3062. tensions within both nations of the former Federated ComrTlOflWealth quickly escalated to the boiling point. The citizens of the Federated Suns chafed at Ard1on-PnnceSS Katherine Stelner.{)avlorfs Increased reslrlc­tions 01 their freeooms While the people 01 the Lyran Alliance increasingly be&an to reoognile the lact that the Archon that they had welcome<! with open arms In 3051 was not the leader they had seen her as.

More to the POint. SChisms WIthin the mil itary and political leadershiP of both realms had oeveloped as a result of Katherine 's rule: on one side were the s)'COPhants and POWer· hungry functionaries that nourished under Kathenne 's regime and on the other were thOse whO recognized her lor What she really was-a power-mad dICtator. Caught in the middle were those torn between oeYOtion to country and serYlce to the ruler of the land.

FIRST SPARKS The Iirst hints 01 war came with the lighting that broke oul

on SoIaris VII In mld·August. In What most people realized was an allegory for the grealer unrest troubling the former Federated Commonwealth. the scheduled boul between a pair of favored champions. one of Lyran and the other of FedSuns heritage. turned Into a free-for·all that spilled InlO the streets of the game world and quickly drew MechWarnors from every nation inlo the fray. LAAF General of the Armies Nandi Steiner ordered elements of the Thirty-second Lyran Guards 10 the world 10 sUPPless the YioIence. but even that wasn't enough 10 end the flihting (especially as the Archon had ortlered the WJth-


drawal of all Com Guards from SoIaris VII). Only after the Seventeenth Atcturan Guard made pianetfall at the end of the month did the violence end. If only temporarily. On the other hand. that ceasellre was arranged by the leaders of the de facto factlons that had developed on the WOrld among the com· batants, not through any action of the Archon·Prlncess or the Seventeenth AtclUran. The ceaselire did not last. however. Srlef bursts of IIghUng broke OUI three more times before the Civil War ·officlally· began,

A! apPlOllmately the same time. the First Skye Jaegers landed on Ko. a wodd In the so-called Lyons Thumb garrisoned by Oraconls Combine troops under the auspices 01 Star League peacekeepers. Other Lyran units allegedly also hit the wOOds of Imbros III and Yorll . While these attacks were In retaliation for a raiCI by the Fifteenth Dieron Regulars against Skye-an action categOrically denied by the Draconls Combine-the Combine nevertheless used these attacks as an elCUse to annel the wor1ds of the Lyons Thumb. The citIzens 01 the SII)'e region 'Nere up in arms almost immediately. but Instead 01 ordering trOOPS into action against the CombIne. the Archon chose 10 leI the incidenl pass WIthout further escalatlOO. While she iIYOtded an interstellar inclClent wrth the Combine In doing so. the Archon also stirred up the factitious nature of the Skye people.

Shortly thereafter. In mkHktober, the Oraconls Combine hit again. thiS time attaclung the Federated Suns wOOds 01 Doneval n. MarXab and the Draconls Mllfch capital of Robinson. That these attacks were not sanctioned b~ Coordinator Theodore I'\urita did not matter to the people of the Draconis March or to their lord. field Marshal Ouke James Sandoval. These suicide units were deStroyed quickly and did little lastlng damage. but their effects on the people of the DraconlS March were far more long·term.

COUNTDOWN TO WAR Matters within the former Federated Commonwealth were

coming to a head as the year 3062 grew to a close. Earlier In the year. the Archon made the fateful cleclslon to garrison worlds showing a marl<.edly antl·Katherine bent with troops lanatically loyal 10 her. Kentares IV Is certainly the most well· known 01 these. but she did Just the same on Senet 1\1 , Senedict and even the neartly Argyle . Elsewhere, she made troop fllO'o'8-

ments that shifted units clalmlna loyalty to her brother frNay from key wOOds, The clecisJon to move lhe Oavion Heavy Guards from New Avalon to Galax (str1PP1na the unit's JumpSh,p$ from It after the transfer) was likely maoe for that very reason

BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (19)

,-: . ~' FLA$HPO'Nrf:.l ··I·l.~./ -: I -: - • _' ._._ ____ - ~.~ ,,,,.....'" ," I I

(though In retrospect posting such !Ill elite pro-Victor unit to the home of the Fed5IJns ' primary shipyards and producer of aerospace fighters was II decision thaI should have been thought through more lhOrougl'lly).

Yet after all of the troop movements. all 01 the propaganda thaI her bureaucrats spewed forth . the people 01 the Federllted Suns were stili on the verge of rebellion. Protests and riots erupted on dozens of worlds, Cllllil18 for the removal of Katherine Sleiner-Davion and her puppet government . Within the Lyran Alliance. the SI\ye region was just as ready 10 rebel against I'Ier rule. The Eslates General. after wit· nessing years of Katherine 's neglect of the Amance, issued II proclamation of griev­ance thaI all but ilCCused her Of offiCllll misconduct. Angered by such blatant dis­plays 01 disrespect, she oroere<l her most loyal offICers and bureaucrats to put down those displays at all costs. PoliCe and military forces did just that on dozens of WOI1ds across both naUons. It will never De known just how many people died in these sometimes-brutal displays of force. Always frlendly to the Archon. even mem­bers of the media suffered from her heavy hand; many found themselves locked in a gulag ne'er to be seen again while almost as many found themselves on the wrong end of a pistol or fine.

Rather than quell the grOWing discontent, Katherine 's actions served only to fuel the names. By the end of OCtober 3062. huge public demonstrations against the Archon had taken place on every majOr WOri<Iln both nations. Even on Thl!ll'kad and New Avalon tens of \houSandS had tallen to the streets of the capital cities In protest against the young ruler. For his part. VICtor 5telner·DavIon attempted to stay out of the fray. Reports rel!lChed him almost daily about some new outbreak of violence and his sis­te(s attempts to suppress the grOWing rebellion. forcirf. him to Issue a number of statements as Precentor Martial and COmmandr,. GenetaI of the Sl.DF condemning Katherine's he8V)'tlanded pe~pirc methods.

Then the filhting brolle out on Kathil. followed closely by tl.entares IV and then Nanking. It tool!. the assassination 01 Arthur Steiner.[)1Mon on Robinson to finally prompt the deposed f\ller into action. From his temporary command center on MOIYOtOd. ViCtor Stell'!er.[)3YIon shed his ComStar and Star League dress for the tret­dltiOnai uniform of the Armed Forces of the federated Suns and. In a broadcast trans­mitted from one end 01 the former Federated Commonwealth to the other. called lor the men and women of both nations to take up arms against his sister.

Then all hell brolle loose. [EdltOf', Notll : wtIile the indi'lidual world entries in the rest of this booII. 31e bro­

ken down alphabetically. we h8Ye presented the entries here" the order in which the fllhtlng on each world "nashed."1

PRE·FLASHPOINT BATTLES A number of different. unrelated military battles rocked the peace in the months

before the actual start of the Civil War. While most were Initiated by loreign POWers. they did lead directly to the breakdown of order within the two nations 01 the former Federated Commonwealth. While we will not examine these Incidents In the same delall as the major battles fought during the Civil War. they do bear some examina­tion as lhey did contribute directly to the rapid Increase of tensions within the former Federated Commonwealth.

NASHUAR The first true shots eltChanged between troops of the former federated

Commonwealth came not during the CIVil War but almost two years eariier on Nashuar. a world located within the 51. I'o'es Compact. In september of 3060. the Compact's Blackwind lancetS staged an abortive raid against the Capellan WOOd of Hustalng. In response. ac~ as First lord of the Star League. Capellan Chancellor Sun-Tzu Uao ordered 5lOF units to OOC\.Ipy several Compact worlds. ostensibly as peace-Keepers.


min' In TO II!II "Good citizens 01 the Federated Com·

monwulth. t COl.Iid wish many IhillQS for us. Tllat lhe great IInlon 01 two nations wt1ic:h my parents torged would not have foundered. Tllat I would never have fOllnd it necessary to leave YOII while lighlino to end the Cl.'ln inva· sIon. That my sislel. Kalherif'MI . could have quelled her hunoer lor powel. no maner the

_"". "But wishino will nol make it so. Such

dreams havt already died. "And any hOpei mlgtd llave had lor peace

bttwIen the two realms I 01lCll Ie1:I dil1:l with my fJrother Arthur. whO was killed two days ago In a vlclousterrOrisl anack.

"Arthur was a $oldler. a good man. and he was learning to become a leader 01 men. women and WOrldS. FOr thaI. someone decid' ed that he had to die. Arthur's death con· vlnced me that my dilly 10 ploteci the Commonwealth can no longel be denied. The troubles on Solarls were a harbinger 01 things 10 come. and Arlhur's violent death uflderscores the l ightillQ already taking place on worlds such as Kath il. Robinson and KentarlS.

"His death win not be In vain. No Ianoel WI. ifl unlit and unJusl ruler sit on the thrones 01 the Federated Suns and lyran A11i.lnce. one who has seen lit 10 bring v\oIellCll against her own lamily, belriylI'Ig the memOtY 01 our fathel, our molher and the trust 01 lhe people Of both realms. Theil is blood on Katherine's hands. and no amount 01 propaganda will wash them clean.

"Nof'MI 01 us wislles 10 see more conflict. but we un no IollQel ignoll the problems pl.'lguing us. Now we mUSllive With the results. however painful. as we acknowledlt\! the irrec­oncilable difierences lhat conUnue to divide my sister Irom me. II is no lonoer possible tOI me 10 starM! back In the Inlerests of peace. The l ime has come. my people. while no other choice remaIns.

"None bul war. -rhls mandate has been pressed upon me

by Katherille's tylannlcal actions. and by the sacrillces 01 patriots already lighting on the worlds 01 Kathll, Bellel. KentarlS. Demeter. Bromllead. and others yet unreported. We will resist with any afld all means at OUf disposal lhe ellOfis to subjugate and enslave our Iree· doms. We ligtd with tile truth on our side. and

COfIllllu,fI 011 p. 20

BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (20)

we simpty ask IIIaI everyone listen and judge accordingly.

"In lhe end. I know we stlall be victorious. reoflstablishing a lrustworlhy and accountable ~mment among our peGple. wOrlds ;111<1 nations.

- Broa<lC.ilSI made by Victor Sleiner­Oavion. December 8. 3062. to lhe peGple of the former Federated Commonwealtll

He placed the Fifth lyran Reculars on Nasl'luar. The Fifth Regulars almost Imme­diately began a tense stand-ofl against the seventh FedCom RCT. a unit that had gar· rlsoned the compact. for years. In January 01 3061. the S()(;alled peacekeeping mis­sion lurned inlO a war of aggressiOn when 51. lves units and the 5lDf unilS clashed over firsl Lord Uao·s orders to place the Compact worlds under martial law.

The fight on Nashuar turned bitter almost Instantly. with the seventh f..C and the Fifth Regulars showing each Olher little In the way of mercy. Supparted by the NasOuar Home Guard. the seventh had the better position on the world and refused 10 give an~lng 10 the Fifth Regulars other than cramped landing zones. The Fifth responded by making a lightning breakoul from their LZ in the city of Grlanel and Into the Sail River Canyon. from that POInt. the fl£hl degenerated into a fJiht that woulO

eerily resemble many of the fights of the Civil War. By Apfil of 3062. howeYer. the situatlon within the Compact tIad turned into a full-fIed&ed war with the COnfederatJon and the fifth

was rapidly Ios~ cohesion. A final push by the Seventh. spearheaded by its armor brigade. drove the Fifth off the world and back into the lyn~n Alliance.

SKYE On 12 July 3062, the Fifteenth Dieron Regulars l&Oded 011 Skye. Immediately laclng off against the Skye Jaegers. The Regulars

did little damage on the world but did successfully pull off a diversiOnary raid that allowed them to pillage the Cyclops. Incorporated warehouses of several lots of weapons and electronics systems. The Fifteenth pulled out as Quickly as they had come. escaping @Nay from a pirate POInt. Bloodied. shamed and demanding vengeance. the Skye Jaegers hastily assembled pians lor a punitive raid against the Fifteenth·s headquarters on KG.

Interestlngly enough, the DCMS denied any Inwtvement In the raid on Skye. and recotds from readily-attainable civilian sources prove that the Fifteenth could not have been Involved in this action. further analysis by the Lyran Intelligence COq>s and the fedSuns· MUO show that it was the meroerlary unit Ramllie's RarcefS. late of the Magistracy of Canopus. that actually carried out this attack. Both Intelligence agencies later amended their report after tracing the sale of the goods. Indicating that the Black Dra&on Society most likely sponsored this anack.

KO The Skye Jaegers lel't Skye only two days after the unit posing as the fifteenth escaped. landing on KG on the 1st 01 August. The

Jaegers were not Interested in conducting a raid, however. After all. KG was nominally an Alliance world. garrisoned by Combine troops under auspices as Star League peacekeepers. The Jaegers were out lor vengeance. something they reaped with great skill . Coming out of a 2G burn Into 1'10, the Jaegers landed far outs ide of the capital city of Jartton and. under the cover of an Immense dust storm. hit the Afteenth Regulars fult.force. Even with enough time to call together the entire onlt. the Fifteenth was wholly onprepared for the ferocity of the Jaegers' assault. Three tlmes the Jaegers bfoke through the Fifteenth·s lines and three times the combine troops fell back In order to regroup only to be pressed again by Colonel Pitchef and his JaegefS. The Fifteenth Regulars bfoke Into a fOUt in urlOer three hours 01 combat. Rather than pursue and deliver the coup de grace. the Jaegers gathered what salvage they could and left the diSITace<I Afteenth to rebuilO.

IMaROS III & YORII Two other Lyran attacks rocked the Lyons Thumb In August of 3062, though official lAAF and AffC doc\Imenls show wittlout a

doubt thaI no regular army. reserve or mercen8fY unit belonglng to either military conducted these attacks. On 3 August two battal­Ions 01 ·Meehs painted In the colors of the lyons fTM descended on Imbros III wtlile a day later a battalion In the colors of the Arcturan Guard hit Yorii.

On Imbfos III. the Thirty-second Galedon Regulars were taken bV surprise When the ·Meehs of the sopposed Lyons fTM stormed OUI of a trio of civilian DropShips and immediately targeted anything even remotely conoecled 10 the Draconls Combine. While the Thirty-second mobilile<l. two -Lyran- companies made their way through the city on a visible fampage. with two more companies tak· ing to the Yooli river and various storm drainage routes. staying out of sight while they closed In on the Thirty-seconefs base within the capital city of Trunner. When the first DCMS lorces sortied forth 10 deal with the rampaging companies. the covert strike force hit the base. destroying hangars. command '" administration buildings. communications centers and warehoused consumables. While the Thirty-second responded to the attack on their base, the remalnirC -Lyran· force set up a perimeter around the spaceport and freely looted hom Combine concems before lifting oil from the world.

The action on VOrl. was far less decisive than on either Ko or Imbros III. The ThIrd N!ghtstalketS. with a banalion of 'Meehs on­pianet. picked up the Invading DropShlps at a pirate point and tracked them In. From the time the Invaders landed, the Nlghlslalkers


BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (21)

hounded them mercilessly. using police and citizen VOlunteers to keep tCibs on them as they attempted to use the city of YamelCini to cover their movements. Siezing the upper hClnd from the very beginning. the Nlghtstalkers accounted for more than a dozen kliis o~er the week that the "Lyran" force remained on WOrld. though they never once captured a living enerTl)' pilot. The supposed Afct\lran Guard left the planet understrength, having failed to cause any appreciable damage.

Follow-l)p reports gathered by the DMI sllggest that sever· al small mercenary commands were hired to carry out these raids, not unlike the assault on Skye. One source led Investiga­tors toward Egan's Exterminators and The Lowbfaii, though both units mysteriously disappeared after returning to Galatea. That Egan's Exterminators apparently booked passage on a JumpShip with Rasalhague registry but ultimately of Combine origin suggests thClt the CoordlnCltor could have emplO)'ed a DEST unit to cleilfl up the mess; there Is, of course, no solid evi· der.ce to support thClt supposition, howe~er.

BOLARIB VII On 15 August, a mlJCh-hyped championship bout between

FedSuns MechWarrior Michael Searcy and the Lyran VICtor Vandergriff turned blOO<!)' when the safety systems with in Silesia's Coliseum failed, allowing the two combatants' 'Mechs to break through the barrier and smash Into the stands. The two

MechWarriors cont inued the heated fight, howe~er. and eventu­ally broke loose Into the streets. With tensions within Solaris Cit)r already running high, a city-wide riot broke out almost Imme­diately. MechWarriors from every nation soon took to the streets in an attempt to either keep their own Interests protect· ed or to simply get in on the fighting.

With in hours the riots had turned Into a Steiner ~s, Oavion fight. with makeshift battalion-sized 'Mech units quickly forming, A number of Solarls warriors turned rogue, Ir.cludlng a former Smoke Jaguar. seeding chaos amongst the rapidly polarizing cit)r. The worst of the fighting continued for a week, even after lAAF peacekeepers arrived. until Searcy and Yclndergriff faced off for one last time. apparently killing each other In the pl'ocess. A temporary peace fell over the world for a time, but with tensions still at the boiling point, the fighting on Solaris would not truly end for several years.

ROBINSON The peace on the capital of the Draconis March was shat·

tered early In the morning of 18 OCtober 3062 when the first Combine troops to set foot on the world In over a century and a half hit the ground In the capital city of 8ueller. The invaders came in on a single commercial DropShip and made a combat drop into the heart of the city, catching Robinson's defenders off-guard, When the DropShip Immediately burned out of the planet's orbit, the true nature of their opponents became far cleCirer to the world 's guardlClns.


The bClttle lasted for hours CiS the battalion of kamikaze MechWarriors wreaked as mlJCh damage as tnay COUld. They singled out not only manufacturing and governmental targets, but many civilian targets and even the Robinson 8attle AcaderTl)'. an Institution that the DCMS had deslfO)'ed twice over during the Succession Wars. Lead by 8aron Tar.cred Sandoval and Duke Arthur Stelner·Oavion, the First Robinson Rangers and the Battle AcaderTl)' Cadre eliminated the Combine force. but only at a horrible price to Robinson. No Combine MechWarrior was captured al ive and even after years of Investigation. the OMI and MilO have yet to determine who ordered this attack.

MARKAB & OONEVAL II Unidentified Combine forces fell on both Markab and

OOne~alll the very same day, 18 OCtober, pl'oving to all that this was a coordinCited operation. Uke the attack on Robinson, the Combine troops made combat drops from civilian OropShlps, with the DropShlps immediately \liming tail and leaving system.

on Markab, the kamikazes faced the Fifth Lyran Guards ReT. Captured by the Federated Suns during the War of 3039, Markab hOO been something of a political hot potato within the Combine's Dieron Military ~istrict for many years. The battal ion sent to the world was hardly ef1Ol.lgh to be more than an ir.con­venience lor the RM L)'fan GuardS, howe~er. As on Robinson, the Combine MeehWarriors targeted Industry, government and military targets. though In this instar.ce a number 01 terrorist bombings late in the night of the 17th cut power and communi· cations to several key areas of the capital city of Cabatt. allow· Ing the kamikazes to rampage for more thCln CI full day before the Rttn could finally put them down.

The fighting on Doneval II lasted far longer, however. With only a mixed battalion 01 the Robinson DMM and a volunteer militia to Pfotect the world, the kamizakes had little difficulty avoiding the world's defenders, at least until a Sizeable portion of the mllitia could be cal led up. The kaml~ake warriors con­centrated on destrO)'ing power stations and transmission lines, oil pipelines, communications centers and other high-pI'ofile civilian targets. though bypaSSing attacks on hospitals. Only In the last two days of fighting, when the mllitia finally was able to clevote significant efforts of its armored scouts to tracking the kamikazes. did they turn to anacking manufacturing ClOd military targets. With only a company of BattleMechs, howe~er. the Combine force ultimately did little in the way of actual damage to the world 's in frastructure. Of course, the public was In an absolute panic for months following the attack.

The most alarming fact about these attacks Is that the Orl· gins 01 the MecllWarrlors cannot be traced. All were obviously trained Combine MechWarrlors, but background checks showed that they came from all walks In life. Only one MeehWarrior survived to be captured, but before tak ing his own lile he said only - for the future of the Dragon." To this day, no one knows the true origins of these attacks, Their legacy would be lar-reaching. though.

BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (22)

HIS, Br 11[ mmH WHB By the linal quarter 01 3062. It was obvi­

ous to allltlal the public senUmenll\alllurrM!d away Irom AfcI'Ion-Princess Katrina Stellll!l'­Cbvion. though the majGrity 01 lhe noble cLass-trIOSe who I'Iad benelited most Ifom her IUIt-Sllll whole-heartedly supported llel. Even within lila structured chain 01 commalld 01 the militaries 01 the Lyran AIIIanee alld federateil Commonwealth there was a strong polarization between Il'Iose catllng lor the removal 01 Katrina al all costs and those woo SWOfe alleOiance to her. taught In between both extremes were the "regugr toes: the men and women woo for one reason Of anotlt­er decided not 10 make a choice.

It was also that last grOup WIlo seemed to suller the most In tilt days aJld months leading up to the start 01 hostil~les .

Perhaps it was beeause these people caught In !he middle needed something to throw themselves bellind that tile so-called Marth LOftis grew so much In stature and poIm as the rest 01 the Archon-Princess' realm deoenel1lled into eMl War.

FOl Illeir pan, these March lords-ouke George Hasek, Duke James Salldoval and Ouke Robert Ke lswa-Stelner-<lld much 10 turn the anenlioo 01 their people away Irom the growing storm and back toward their regional identlllK.

The first regioo to truly begin showing lhelr nallOnalislic benl was Duke I(elswa· Steiner's Sky! Federalioo. Throughout the hls­lory 01 the Lyran state, the Skye regiOfl lias been a hotbed 101 rebellion and secessloolsm. PriO!" to this Civil Wal, the leaders ollhe Lyran natioo !\ave !\ad 10 put down two malor rebel­lions within the Skye legion within Ihis cenlu­ry alone. each aimed ilt clullng iIIl Indepen· dent Skye nalion. When the Archon-Princess look up residence on Hew Avalon, Duke l(elswa·Steiner began 10 slowly stir up the rebellious le/VOr 01 his people. $Omelhlng the Combine anack on Skye and $ubuquent iIIlnexalion 01 the Lyoos Thumb only played InIO.

W~hln the capellan March. Duke Georlle tQuk did a brilliant job 01 directil19 Ihe emo­tions 01 his people allalnsl Ihe CaJM!lian Conlederalion. The Contederallon·s war allalnst the breakaway SI. Ives Compact­bolh a neighboring realm and a close ally­ensured the Duke llad Irnle Irouble doing so.

ConI/nUll lin p. U

WAR WITHIN THE FEDERATED SUNS From the start . the fight wtthln the federated Suns was ~. Of course. that

could only be expected as the federated Suns was so divided because of the Archon's rule. Since her come to power. the nation had become a hotbed fO( anti-Katherine sen­timents and was consequently hit the worst by her he8';)"handed measures.

That the Capellan March flashed first should not h8WI come as a shock. While Duke Ha~ was a powerful !laure e..-en then. Ile had just too many factors to c0n­

tend with In keeping the March under control. The Capellan war atalnst the SI. lves Compact had been waging for almost two years. naturally bringing the blood 01 tile man~ tradit ional FedSuns units under his command-and nearly his entire popola­lion-to a boil. Not onl~ were they angered at the audacity and underhanded nature 01 Sun-Tzu Uao and his Confederation. but they were partlcular!y incensed at the Archon's refusal to lend any aid to the beleaguered COITIj)8CI..

As tensions flared. Duke Hasek tried to reposition units vocally claiming aile­tlance to the Archon onto less-crltical wotIds and away from possible incidents with mOle pro-Oavloo units. but It was too little. too lata. When the fight on I(athll broke out, word of the action traveled the length of the March within days. Even had ComSta, placed a complete communlcallons blackout on the March. It would have done no good- the InlOfmatlon also made Its way out on the AFfS· seconda(~ FAX network.

"Whet Is surprising Is how few worlds were lICIually consumed by the Wat In the first few months. But almost without e!\Ception the fightJng was contained to the Capellan March.

The reason for thai , of course, was Duke James SandoVal's preoccupatioo WIth the Oraconls Combine. He had very eflecttvely focused his peoples· energies on that ancient enemy and, In response to the assaults upon Robinson, Markab and Dooeval II . ordered a number of key units under his command Into the Draconls Combine. ArnazlntJy. Sandoval catJg/ltthe OCMS In the midst of a crisis on the Ciao Iront and his forces made tremendous gains against the wholly unprepared Combine In a very shOr t time.

KATHtL Rash: 16 November 3062

Located deep in the hewt 01 the Capellan March, "'athll is one of the most Important workls within the Federated Suns. Home to General MOtOfS and Yare Shlpyards-bolh major FedSuns delense conlraclOfS-IIS welt as the seat of com­mand lor the Capellan March's entire Corewa,d Combat Theater, the world had played an incredibly important role In the sucx:ess of the Federated Suns for cen­turies. What no one expected was just how irnpoflant a role It would play In the begin­ninc of the Civil War.

As tensions with in the Federaled Suns began 10 rise with I(athel ine·s come \0 power on New Avalon. Field MarShal Duke George Hasek began to take the desuny of his March Into his handS. Having already commissioned the design 01 a new OmnjMe<:h-the Templ8r--he further went on to strengthen his hold on the Capellan March. As a par i of that, he ordered the re-Iormat ion of the I<alhlt Capellan March Militia. a unit disbanded in the wake of the Fourth Sucx:esslon War.

The l<athil CMM reached operational slatus In OctOber of 3062 and with that Duke Hasek ordered the El&hth FedCom RCT 011 of l<athil. asSignirc it to the defense of Halloran V. Hauptmann General Mitchell Weintraub refused that order, however, dting that Hasek. MarCh Duke and commandef of the Capellan Regional Command, had no authority to countermand the orders 01 ArctJorH>rincess Katrina Stelner­Davlon that placed the defense oll<all1il in tile Elghth·s hands. Weintraub went on to cite the CMM·s unproven standing. In response. the Duke ordered the First Capellan Oragoons-a unit deYOUtIy loyal to him-to also take up stBUon on Kathl!.


BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (23)




- - .---- ..!... - -.- --.-~


HUDDY ~"M;(lW~1 UGKIf{ /lOll/JUS


=-=-: N.<llCH_JUS

rCDCRnTCD suns .... <""', .. , .. _.......,

LEGEND • . _ .... _-_ ....... w _, __

1 .. =:-=-;:.::-::. I



---.... -

....... fHE'.A(f~ _"",,:lIS ~""" _'1:f _ .. ;~






CJm wu IYVIOI. BY ........... "'llO> f n)Qf' M"'"f..lt1XfJ wr.wsr 11I00I' _ .. DUNn

1>01$ no<JI'.w1 0If.'ffS

.,no. nQ.Y (N" M.'<JIN Ao 171.1:

BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (24)

Even as the countdown to Civil War grew closer to zero, tile Duke made the decision to authorize a return to the AfFS uniform. giving his peOflIe a newloufld symbol to rally behind afld at the same time sending a not-50-subtle message to the Archon-Princess as to where his tlue alleoiance lay_ Wllile the Civil War broke 001 within the Capellan March. in Ihe end it was as much a binle between Victor­supporters and Katrina-supporters as it was a battle between both Duke Hasek's and Archon Katherine's egos_

For his part. Duke Sandoval focused his people allalnst their centuries-old enemy: the Dratoms Combine, long before the Archon­Princess took power within the Federated Suns. the people of the Draconis March were up in arms at the growino reLations between the FedCom and the Combine. They virtually screamed lor Prince Victors head when he contlniJed to SltlP military delenses from the

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In the few weeks that It took the Dragoons to travel from verlo to Kathll, the sit· uallon on Kalllil wOI'Sened dramatically. General Weintraub ordered Kalllil's capital, District City, placed under martial law after Duke Petyr IJanLees, the noble Duke 01 Kathll. CUI off the delivery of supplies and foodstuffs to the Eighth, Weintraub specif· ically surrounded the ducal palace, effectiYely placing the duke under house arrest and blackmailing him into supporting the actions of the Eighth.

ActIng uoder the authority of Duke Hasek and of Fteld Marshal Suzanne Zellner, commander of the Kalhli Theater, Major General Donald Sampreis. commandel' of the CMM. ordered the arrest of welntfaub and the Eighth f.C's command slall, Sampreis sent a security detachment undercover 10 carry out the arrests, bul an Eighth f.C MechWarrior discovered the ruse and nred upon Ihe detachment. The Eighth immed~ ately mobilized In an attempt to stflke Ihe CMM before it coold ilself mobilize from Its Radcliffe base, The CMM was already on alert, however. and the two units clashed In a number of bloody, yet ultimately Indecisive. battles throughoot the neKl several days. thus mar1<ing the recognized begiMlng of the CivIl War,

As soon as he heard of the battle, Duke Hasek called for cooler heads to pre-­vail and asked WeintraUb to relocate tols Eighth Fe to Lee until the 'incldenl could be rully investigated.' Weintfaub IgMred the Marcto Lord and instead focused his unit on laking complete control of Kathll from the CMM and the Second N .... S CadI'e. a unit also assigned to the world but which toad yet to commit to either side of the bat­tle, Weintraub knew that the Arst Capellan Dragoons weft juSI a few short weeks away from making planetfall and that Hasek would undoubtedly be sending rein­forcements soon.


BattleTech: FedCom Civil War Previews..."Roger, frve, The rest of you, get his friends, That Nilhlstar Is mine!" Lange rarely let his emotions get the best of him, but he'd seen that - [PDF Document] (2024)


When was the FedCom Civil War? ›

BattleTech Community Ads
FedCom Civil War
Start Date 16 November 3062 End Date 20 April 3067 Result Katherine Steiner-Davion ousted from power
Commanders and leaders
6 more rows
May 9, 2024

What is BattleTech Dark Age? ›

MechWarrior: Dark Age (MWDA; later as Age of Destruction or AOD) was a tabletop wargame by WizKids set in the BattleTech universe that uses the Clix system. The game's miniatures are pre-painted models of infantry squads, vehicles, and giant walking war machines known as BattleMechs or more simply "'mechs".

What are the BattleTech eras? ›

BattleTech Community Ads
Civil WarCivil War (Chronology)3062 – 3067
JihadJihad (Chronology)3068 – 3080
Dark AgeRepublic Age (Chronology)3081 – 3130
Dark Age (Chronology)3131 - 3150
9 more rows
Apr 11, 2024

Who won the Civil War in 1646? ›

Sir Thomas Fairfax led his troops to victory over King Charles I at the Battle of Naseby on 14 June 1645. His triumph won the First English Civil War (1642-46) for Parliament and ensured that monarchs would never again be supreme in British politics.

What happened in 1861 Civil War? ›

At 4:30 a.m. on April 12, 1861, Confederate troops fired on Fort Sumter in South Carolina's Charleston Harbor. Less than 34 hours later, Union forces surrendered. Traditionally, this event has been used to mark the beginning of the Civil War.

How long was the Amaris Civil War? ›

However, General Kerensky was neither foolish, greedy nor afraid; he declared a ceasefire with all other Periphery realms and declared Stefan Amaris a usurper, starting the 13-year Amaris Civil War.

What year did the Civil War start and stop? ›

The American Civil War (April 12, 1861 – May 26, 1865; also known by other names) was a civil war in the United States between the Union ("the North") and the Confederacy ("the South"), which had been formed by states that had seceded from the Union.


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